Great Product

Would Highly Recomend | June 18, 2018

Very useful and easy to use

Very helpful with the mailChimp connector as well, allows downloading everything sparing the cumbersome procedure of having to login every time to mailChimp and export the info as csv
yiannos.gnp | June 12, 2018

This programm really helps!

A must-have for anyone wasting away manually pulling and updating excel data! | June 8, 2018

Très bon application

C'est un plugin super qui permet de récupérer très rapidement et très simplement, les données dont on a besoin pour réaliser un reporting !
Epic | June 6, 2018

Incredible Tool for Automating Data Entry

A must-have for anyone wasting away manually pulling and updating excel data!
cjg4231 | May 22, 2018

Very nice add in!

This programm really helps! | May 22, 2018

Best tool to automatize reports

I've using Analytics Edge for years and for me is the best tool to analyze and get data automated. I used, and I use, other tools like Google Analytics add-on, Supermetrics, Canvas, Query Explorer, even customized code for Excel, and I have to say that there is no tool more powerful than Analytics Edge. Easy to manage, accurate, easy to modify reports. In summary absolutely the best. Maybe the only con (not for me) is that does not work in Google spreadsheets. Thanks for the tool | May 8, 2018

Very useful

Very useful
laurachacel | May 6, 2018

Good tool

Provided exactly the connection I was looking for.
scofieky | April 25, 2018

Not Spam

Too bad the last reviewer didn't bother to identify themselves. There is no spam here, no embedded bloatware, no trojan software, no advertising -- just a great Excel add-in that helps automate your reports.
mike sullivan, owner | April 24, 2018


Very useful tool
pat c | April 19, 2018

such a great plugin

its the very best in the word, if i could i would marry it!!
albert einstein | April 13, 2018