such a great plugin

its the very best in the word, if i could i would marry it!!
albert einstein | April 13, 2018

Great add on for excel

Very easy to use addon and extremely useful to handle great amount of data.
toto135 | April 5, 2018


mloosveldt | April 4, 2018

Good For Analyze

Good For Analyze
Bruno Cesar | April 2, 2018

Good For Analyze

Good For Analyze | April 2, 2018

Awesome Productive Hack

I use this plugin to speed up my reporting immensely. I absolutely love it. I have written my own macros to transform the data after the plugin pulls it from Google Analytics and then I append it to my pivot table and refresh all of my reports.
Jonathan K. | March 30, 2018


Хорошая программка. Автор-крут.
Filippov.Evgeniy | March 27, 2018

Very Good!

slavch | March 25, 2018

Greate plugin!

Greate plugin!
slavch | March 25, 2018

Saved our team's precious time

The most convenient way to override the 5000 row limit on Google Analytics to download the data. The plugin is buggy with edit query button getting unselected on ribbon change, not able to add remove fields. Overall a great savior for those who have tonnes of data to download from Google Analytics
abhishek telgu | March 24, 2018

Keep it free!

Greate plugin! | March 23, 2018


very good and useful excel plugin | March 20, 2018