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Analytics Portfolio

Analytics Portfolio is a multisite dashboard for web analytics. You can view web analytics, social data and SEO reports for up to 250 websites in one place. Quickly identify trends, problems and opportunities.

Analytics Portfolio automatically combines data from many different sources for all your websites in one place.

View analytics data, social data, domain information, SEO data and page speed data in one report. Show trends for the last two years and do long term comparisons. Tag websites to analyze and compare data for groups of sites.

Powerful and easy to work with - it's made for comparing and inspecting large number of sites. View key metrics for all sites, sortable and easy to compare. Drill down to the details when you need them.

Analytics Portfolio has free and paid plans and supports desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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Created: Nov 06, 2014 | Updated: Nov 30, 2015