Taste Medio

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize experts. Web analytics, data integrations, business intelligence and data science. Online marketing and internet consulting.

Taste Medio is one of the leading “Google Analytics / Tag Manager / Optimize” companies in Czech republic. We provide web and data analytics, CRO, customer analytics, data integrations, business intelligence and data science services, consulting and trainings. We are part of the Taste agency.

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Sales Partner

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Data Studio
Tag Manager

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Prague 4, Prague, Czech Republic


Created: Jun 24, 2015 | Updated: Aug 02, 2018


Medio je pro mě synonymem k profesionalitě

Medio Interactive je pro mě synonymem k profesionalitě, identifikaci klientských potřeb a dokonalé analytické práci. Díky jejich přístupu a informacím dnes dokážeme mnohem lépe analyzovat zákaznické chování a tak i lépe zacházet s prostředky na jejich získání a udržení. Naše požadavky jsou navíc málokdy standardní a pro Medio představují nemalou výzvu. Vždy se ale ukáže, že nic není nemožné a proto je Medio perfektní partner ve světě webové analytiky.
Jiří Langr - Onio | June 1, 2017

Real professionals

We've chosen MEDIO to help us implement GTM/GA and we are more than satisfied! I can strongly recommend their services to those who are looking for professional approach and expertise.
jakub.mandat@usetreno.cz | July 31, 2015

You want to work with Medio

We've chosen Medio for consulting strategy, KPI's and Analytics setup on complex multi-lingual multi-currency B2B site - and it was best choice we could made. They are real experts and analytics enthusiasts!
Ivos Gajdorus @ COEX | July 24, 2015

The best GTM/GA team in CZ

If you are looking for the best GTM/GA team in the country, Medio is the one. They helped us solve advanced problems many times. They are very strong in consulting, implementation and training.
Adam Jurák | July 23, 2015

Analytics Experts

MEDIO are probably best experts on Google analytics in the Czech republic. Highly recommended for any consultations relating to Google analytics and Google Tag Manager. Jan Tichý and his team are also well known as GA/GTM lecturers and trainers.
lukas.princ@skiservis.cz | July 22, 2015

Leading Czech Analytics Company

Medio is my trusted partner whenever my GA/GTM knowledge isn't enough and they never let me down. Their large team of analysts is well known in the community.
Jakub Perich | July 22, 2015