Ábaco helps business decision makers to optimize their marketing initiatives and improve the return on investment from their digital assets. We are passionate about solving for your business objectives, leveraging Google Analytics or Google Analytics Premium features and capabilities.

We work as one team with our clients and their business partners, to transform data into valuable information, delivered at the right time, to help them make better, informed, decisions and reach their goals. We are experienced in auto, education, finance, health, retail, telco and travel industries

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Sales Partner

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Campaign Manager
Data Studio
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Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico


Created: May 07, 2014 | Updated: Jun 19, 2018


Analítica Digital en México

Gran equipo de trabajo. El equipo de AbacoMetrics posee todas las características profesionales para planificar, implementar y poner en marcha un plan de medición digital con las más avanzadas técnicas de medición digital. Definitivamente son una de las empresas líder en latinoamérica y como Google Analytics Premium Partner son un gran referente para la Digital Intelligence Alliance.
pgonzalez@mentalidadweb.com | March 22, 2016

Trusted Partner

Abaco Metrics is one of our trusted partners. Both Abaco and Miweb are members of the Digital Intelligence Alliance and we learn a tremendous amount from the Abaco team on every encounter.
paul@miweb.cr | Oct. 21, 2015