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Onpage Hero makes on-page SEO metrics such as hreflang tags, meta robots, image tags and many more available inside your Google Analytics account. She scans your rendered webpages in real-time and sends those data points as hits to your GA, where you can analyse them alongside your usual GA data.

The Onpage Heroine turns your Google Analytics account into a fully fledged SEO suite: you can select from more than 30 SEO relevant metrics such as hreflang and H tags, snippets and images and many more, which will miraculously appear inside your main Google Analytics property, so you can analyse the data using GA's powerful interface.

Set up in less than two minutes, Onpage Hero leverages Google’s Tag Manager to extract your chosen SEO data from already rendered pages, while your users are visiting your site. Her code loads asynchronously, so there won't be any slow down of your site's performance, ever. The fact that the websites are fully rendered before extracting the data is important with ever more content loading through JS resources and the likes.

After the real-time data upload, you will use GA's interface to correlate your traffic stats with all the newly created SEO data points from Onpage Hero, while GA also makes it ideal for long-term monitoring and alerting.

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Created: Sep 24, 2018 | Updated: Oct 03, 2018


Very, very happy with Onpage Hero

Immediately Onpage Hero has become my favourite on page / crawling tool of them all. The fact that I have the data in Google Analytics saves me so much time. We've been connecting the dots afterwards, exporting data from GA, merging it with data from other SEO suites afterwards. This is extremely handy! I hope to have more available data points soon and would love to have data studio summary pages but I'm sure it'll come along | Oct. 3, 2018

Still early, but already something very beautiful

Although this app is still at an early moment, it's growing into something VERY useful. It already pulls out the most important data and puts it into context that is highly relevant to us. I can't wait to see what it will grow into over time. | Oct. 1, 2018


I'm only using the free product with a limited number of dimensions but it's very useful. I'm monitoring # of words and check how it correlates with traffic and other metrics. Thanks for providing such a great tool for free. | Oct. 1, 2018

5* for the ad blocker

The only reason why I got the tool in the first place, was the fact that it helps me recognise users with activated ad blockers. As a large publisher we're reliant on the money we're making with ads and this gives us a much better insight into who exactly is using ad blockers and how that impacts us.
Susan D / content manager | Oct. 1, 2018

Onpage Analytics Made Easy

I wasn’t a computer science major for a reason. Not having to deal with new interfaces crunching and analyses of html structures is great, and the layout and data vis stuff is impressively slick. Thus far, it has met our needs well (we hate going through the seemingly endless tabs of our current tool to pull numbers for hours and hours every week) and the clients dig the insights we get through the GA connection.
ulasmanor | Sept. 29, 2018

Very useful

Onpage Hero plays a vital role in our ability to assess marketing effectiveness and begins to tackle the ROPO challenge that myself and my fellow marketeers are often faced with. Onpage Hero has allowed me to measure our onpage metrics much easier, allowing me to calculate an accurate ROI of our time spent on those issue. Keep up the good work!
Nadja Slad (senior SEM manager) | Sept. 29, 2018

highly recommended - GA is now best seo software

I've almost stopped looking into my GA account since I was favouring adobe analytics. Onpage hero made GA really important to me again. Not using anything but onpage hero anymore to monitor our stats, I even have two properties for one site to catch all metrics.
Susan W. | Sept. 29, 2018

Using Google Analytics now for onpage monitoring

Having had 5 custom dimensions already taken up on our own, we're now tracking another 15 onpage metrics in Google Analytics. Super useful and well worth the money. Haven't used our much more expensive SEO suits since, tbh... | Sept. 29, 2018

Does what it says

I came across the tool on mashable and have been intrigued to try it out. The new dimensions in GA make it super useful. Thumbs up! | Sept. 29, 2018