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Log Hero makes bots and spiders visible in Google Analytics as if they were people and in real-time. He helps you understand how Google's or Bing's bots (or any other bots) crawl your website by visualizing these log events in Google Analytics.

Log Hero helps you understand how bots, such as Googlebot or Bingbot, crawl your website by visualizing them in Google Analytics as if they were people and in real-time.

Any bot hit, whether it is to the robots.txt, an image file, or one of your landing pages will be recorded by our integrations and sent to GA, where you can analyze them using GA's powerful interface.

He currently works with websites that run on WordPress, Apache, and PHP. Implementing the SDKs takes only a few minutes and there are extensive How-Tos on

Log Hero was born out of the dissatisfaction of that comes with analyzing log files. They are a pain to get from IT, hard to analyze with current solutions and out of date the moment you get them. Log Hero sends hits to GA as page views, making them a pleasure to work with and turning GA into the most sophisticated log file analyzer on the market.

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Created: Aug 10, 2018 | Updated: Oct 03, 2018


We use it to find bugs

We use Log Hero mainly to find bugs in our link structure. We're rolling out changes once very 3-4 days. This usually affects only a small part of our 18M product URLs crawling the sites is almost impossible due to several server side restrictions and an IT department that can't seem to manage to exclude our crawlers from being locked out. Log Hero sends ≈50M bot hits a month to GA, only when bots or users are requesting an URL. Much loved and extremely easy to work with.
Jason NY Post | Oct. 3, 2018

Utterly amazing tool and support

It takes time to learn the tool itself to unlock its powers but it's worth its weight in gold once you do. You will never go back to any other log file analyzer interface unless you have to. And where this product really shines is the support. Max has always been prompt and offered valuable suggestions along the way. Simply fantastic! | Oct. 1, 2018

Saving Me so much Time!

Log Hero has been a great product for me. For logs I now go directly into Google Analytics because it provides so much more of what I need. It has also helped me answer a lot of data questions that I have when looking at log files alone. I already passed my recommendation along to other internal teams. Thanks Max and Philipp!
Tim Gurley | Oct. 1, 2018

Already great!

Although this product is still in beta. It is such a time saver for me in analyzing my reports and sharing this information with the client. It makes it so easy for someone like me with an analytical mind that gets lost inside Google Analytics reports looking at every single number! Can't wait to see what the team at Log Hero comes up with next!!!!
Thomas Smith - content warriors | Oct. 1, 2018

Excellent log tracking platform (5 stars)

So much better than our existing log tracking solution from our log provider with a much better online interface due to GA. Their support was really helpful during set-up and replied to all questions in a timely manner. Love the integration with Google Analytics and the ability to easily group our logs into different segments. And moving our existing clients to Log Hero saved us a lot of money on our overall costs.
Andrew / ppc champs | Sept. 29, 2018


I’m working with the 10 site plan right now, and enjoying the service so far. The integration of logs into Google Analyitcs is pretty cool, and we haven't managed to find any mistakes (which we can't always say about our employees’ log data pulls).
Marco Z. / SU sap. | Sept. 29, 2018

serious contender for logs

easily competes with the much more expensive log solutions I've tried. if it wasnt so cheap I'd give four stars for the lack of content around the tool at this price-point I can live without.
tomasjeffason | Sept. 29, 2018

Log Hero is my life saver

I've been using Keyword Hero for a year or so before stumbling across Log Hero. As our general sentiment towards log analyses has only become stronger, we're always looking for good solutions to help us w bot analysis. Log Hero combines Google Analytics interface with a the the power of Screaming Frog. Would give 6 Stars if I could!
earmin.butser | Sept. 29, 2018

Great stuff

I've been using Log Hero since a couple of weeks on one of my client's projects. it makes log analysis so much easier, I'm not going back to requesting logs from IT, i can tell you that :-)
Sam Youngman / ALL XPS | Sept. 29, 2018

Log Analyses in GA

We’ve been using mostly custom built solutions for our log file analyses since it turned out to be almost impossible to work with existing solutions for us due to slow integrations / horrible UI / ... We got access to an early Beta of Log Hero and couldn’t be happier. Our sites have roughly 100M hits /m, so a huge load and Log Hero has not failed us at all. GA’s interface makes it very easy to work with. One issue: setting up the property turned out painful w/o giving access to Management API. | Sept. 19, 2018

amazing support, extremely useful tool

we were struggling with log file analysis in our company since quite a while and Log Hero made it very easy for us. We see real-time how roll-outs impact crawling behaviour and that's worth way more money than the 199 we're paying a month. also, support was very quick and even accommodated our requests. Highly recommended.
Tom Simpson - fashion e-retailer | Sept. 11, 2018

Best log file analyzer

Hands down the best log analyzer we’ve ever used! Thx keyword hero team!! | Sept. 2, 2018