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Keyword Hero

The Keyword Hero is the globally only solution that puts the organic keywords back into Google Analytics. It is the most comprehensive SEO tool and fully integrated into Google Analytics. You'll not only see the keywords but the semantic clusters they belong to, brand vs non-brand, CTR, and more.

Keyword Hero uses a probabilistic method to match organic sessions in Google Analytics with the most probable keyword, using a variety of data sources, such as the Search Console and billions of data points from browser extensions.

The Keyword Hero fetches data from your Google Analytics account and computes the keywords for your organic sessions. After the keyword matching process, the Hero uploads the data to your newly created Keyword Hero Property inside your Google Analytics account. It will not only contain all keywords for your organic sessions but also further valuable information, such as a brand detection, a state of the art keyword clustering, the CTR of your link in the SERPs, the position in the SERPs, etc.

Being able to access highly relevant metrics such as revenue, conversion rate, and time-on-site per keyword enables you to adjust your content with unprecedented precision and sophistication.

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Created: Sep 23, 2017 | Updated: Oct 22, 2018


100% Awesome

Love Keyword Hero, it's great and really debunks a lot of missing data from Google Analytics/Google Search Console!
A Gask | Oct. 22, 2018

Keywords are back in town...

Great tool for getting back keyword data after losing them thanks to google not provided. Also like that it adds the data to google analytics and not in a new separate tool! Overall great tool
Max | Oct. 4, 2018

Short review

I haven't used it for very long time yet but I think it is a good solution to Google analytics non provided keywords.
asparuhovski | Oct. 4, 2018

Helps Us Optimize Paid Search

It's great to have all of our keywords including their conversion rate, conversion, revenues, etc. in Google Analytics. We use this info to optimise spend in SEA on the keywords that perform the best. We see certain keywords perform MUCH better we use that data to drive up CPC's where it makes sense and drive down CPC's where we are not profitable. | Oct. 3, 2018

Excellent tool - use it for all my sites

It's hard to know what tools actually do the job and what tools just claim to do a good job. When it comes to finding out the keywords sending traffic to your website, Keyword Hero is my new best friend! For years I had been scraping keywords from Google Search Console and running them in a tracking tool then estimating visits. Now with KH all this is done for me in a single report. Very handy. | Oct. 2, 2018

An Automatic Weapon for Google Analytics

I finally bought it a couple weeks ago because I was tired of manually mapping data from GSC to GA. Keyword Hero can helps when GA alone can't. For instance 2 KPI trends: # Oraganic Keywords + # AdWords Conversions. If I try this in GA, I get only one keyword, but that's not the goal. I want to compare all keywords against the KPIs. Keyword Hero can do that. | Oct. 1, 2018

Fantastic by every measure!

Considering the time it's saved me, Keyword Hero must be one the best purchases I've made. The solution is powerful yet simple to use, and the support they provide is unheard of - they reply right away with clear and thorough details, no canned answers and no offshore call centers. Max, I'm a grateful fan and the praise you receive is well deserved. | Oct. 1, 2018


This is a fantastic and free tool to make Google Analytics (not provided) free! It has never been easier and made this tool a staple part of my Web arsenal to understand where your customers are coming from and what they are looking for!
Mike Jones / PPC target | Oct. 1, 2018

Easy Set Up, Works Really Well

I have found Keyword Hero easy to set up for my clients and it works really well. It integrates effectively with both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The data ties in nicely so I can see segmented data like the average time on site for each keyword. It's also very useful to have insight into behavioural metrics for each keyword. The customer service is very good as well they are always quick and my contact Max is very pleasant. | Sept. 29, 2018

best solution for (not provided)

We've been building a complicated setup of GSC API retriever + G sheets + GA to map the data from GSC and GA. Keyword Hero does a much better job at it and it's great to get be able to get even more data points than out of the Search Console. We get about 15% more keywords than thru the GSC API.
Pawel Asal | Sept. 29, 2018

Keyword Hero is killing it!

Never leave ratings for tools / anything but since the support asked me to, I can't deny this one: Keyword Hero has been so important to me in finding good content ideas. It has made my life so much easier now that I know what exactly drives users to my clients websites. Cannot recommend enough to anyone producing content online.
Thomas J. / ContentFactory | Sept. 29, 2018


Found the tool on a blog post and I'm intrigued. So useful, I don't know why people don't talk much more about it. It's by far the simplest way to get insights into your organic keyword pattern..
tom.alclair | Sept. 29, 2018