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Award-winning call tracking and automation platform providing thousands of businesses the tools they need to track, manage and optimize calls to increase conversions and scale for growth. CallTrackingMetrics currently supports over 30,000 businesses with global coverage in more than 50 countries.

CallTrackingMetrics matches phone calls to the exact website visitor, providing businesses with the ability to track the keywords, ads, and campaigns that are generating calls and conversions.

Our integrations with Google make it easy to optimize PPC and organic campaign performance and view them in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Using a universal tracking script and unique tracking phone numbers, CallTrackingMetrics can identify site visitors and match them across the various touchpoints in their customer journey.

An easy-to-use interface allows you to manage data and build complete caller profiles using features like call scoring, tagging, and entering conversion amounts.

CallTrackingMetrics is the only call tracking provider to also offer complete call management and automation features to support contact centers, including advanced routing options, automated text campaigns, live agent dashboard, Softphone, and integrations with top CRM platforms.

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Created: Jun 05, 2011 | Updated: Nov 03, 2017


Love CallTrackingMetrics...

Easily one of the best call tracking software on the planet. Always updating and adding new features to an already robust feature-set, immediate customer support, and a great white label solution for agencies. | Sept. 3, 2015

Great Call Tracking Provider

Easy to use for your agency and clients alike. Affordable. White label capable. Integrates with Google Analytic. Constant improvements. Excellent support. == Oustanding Call Tracking. We love em!
Gary S. | Oct. 23, 2013

Great Product

Easy to use interface, Continually updating features, competitive pricing - all with unparalleled customer service. Calltrackingmetrics is integral to our business.
dbrackett | Nov. 9, 2012

Awesome Customer Service

Call tracking metrics has been fantastic - super easy setup, easy pricing, really listens to their customer base for what features to implement next. Always improving the interface and usability. As a small agency, our customers also love the easy-to-use interface to log in and listen to their calls or have their calls e-mailed to them. We went through 3 other call tracking systems before finding them.
jkozma | Aug. 9, 2012

User friendly and quick to set up

I found their service to be very easy to get set up and I started seeing calls showing up as events very soon after i set it up in my GA account. They also pull in PPC information into their reporting dashboards so you can see calls by adgroup, campaign, keyword etc. Pretty cool. they seem to have added a lot of new features since i last looked at them in 2011. (geo-routing, ROI reporting etc)
thebaudl | May 15, 2012