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INVOX Call Tracking & Analytics

We instantly set-up a tracking phone number that forwards to your main phone number. Your customers dial the new tracking number, we forward the call, and you answer your main phone like you usually do. Call Tracking INVOX gathers statistics, and you can check them online in real-time.

Using INVOX Call Tracking, you are allocated a unique phone number for each marketing channel, either online or offline. When a client calls one of the allocated numbers, that call is automatically directed to the phone number(s) of your sales agents and is thus counted as a conversion.

The details for each call (call source*, caller number, date and time, call duration, etc.) are displayed on the management panel of the INVOX Call Tracking platform.

In your Google Analytics account you will see each source/channel of incoming calls from offline ads.

* Source = the promotion channel the client calls from (Google, Outdoor, TV, Radio, Flyers, etc.)

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Created: Feb 24, 2017 | Updated: Oct 16, 2017