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JabJab Online Marketing is a PPC and Analyitcs agency mainly focusing on middle to large sized companies providing premium level services to a small group of clients with lots of hours spent on each project.

JabJab has two core services: performance marketing and advanced analysis. Being a DoubleClick Search partner means that when it comes to performance in Search, we can deliver highly scalable campaigns. Combining this with insightful measurement means great result for your company.

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Sales Partner

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Tag Manager

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Siófok, Somogy, Hungary
+36 20 935-5125


Created: Mar 31, 2016 | Updated: Nov 16, 2016


Marketing Strategist

I have been working with JabJab for the past 5 years and we can say that our metrics have improved significantly since. We have implemented GTM, introduced genuine conversion measurements and we are probably the leaders amongst our competitors to try beta tests thanks to them. They not only carry out the core job but continuously come up with new ideas, feedback on our preformance. They are reliable, fast, efficient and communicate with an easy tone. They have eventually become a part of us.
Paula Szorfi / VitalEurope | July 11, 2016