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Nearly 65% of all online visits result in a phone call. So it just makes sense to track your inbound phone calls and conversions with the same depth of intelligence as your online engagements and conversions right? We agree - so we built the worlds' most usable call tracking and call analytics tool.

KeyMetric adTrax gives you instant access to up to the minute "Smart Data" to easily measure and diagnose the effectiveness of your advertising, media, social media and content investments across every event and engagement - even when your customers pick up the telephone.

Easily Connect Every Inbound Phone Call to its Originating Sources Including Referring Traffic Source,Referring Domain, Search Engine & Network,Content Network, PPC Keyword, Ad Source, Media Buy, Social Network & More!

KeyMetric adTrax seamlessly pushes phone call conversion data to Google Analytics. This feature supports those customers who wish to also view their call conversion data in Google Analytics with other events and goals. Simply provide KeyMetric with your Google Analytics Account ID. That's it. No changes are required to your website or Google Account. And once your KeyMetric call data is integrated with Google Analytics, you can seamlessly import it into Google AdWords to view as conversions.

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Created: Aug 04, 2014 | Updated: Jan 30, 2018


Works in Chile

On speaking with 5 companies that said they have international call tracking, keymetric was the only company that worked in Chile. Now many of our clients are happy with the product and use it to improve the online marketing. They like seeing the information in Google.
PAGO | Jan. 30, 2018

A+ Company & Service

We were with another large call tracking company for 2 years. Service was not great; tool kept losing data. We moved to KeyMetric 6 months ago and things have never been better. They ported over 5000 numbers for us (even though the old company tried to stop the porting) and the service has been incredible. Tool works as it should, data is accurate, and we have since added several more clients to their platform. Highly recommend this company.
SHC | Nov. 4, 2017

Good Solution

Good solution. About the same features as all the other tools, but has more numbers for foreign countries. Also like not having to pay for phone numbers or minutes for mobile calls. Gave us the best pricing by about 30%.
Mike - SFP Media | July 4, 2017

Happy with KeyMetric

we have been using KeyMetric for about 6 months now, and are very happy with the service. Calls connect regularly (unlike our last service), and the support team is very quick when I have questions. I happily refer people to KeyMetric all the time.
miniwarehouse | June 22, 2017

Great experience

I'm in charge of our marketing department for a Fortune 500 company and our team relies on accurate analytics and a flexible tool that will do what we need it to do. We do a lot of AB testing. Keymetrics was the only call tracking company that could meet our needs. They worked with us on everything we needed. Great customer service.
Jeff M. | March 2, 2017

Outstanding Mobile Call Tracking

We recently signed-up for their mobile call tracking "touch 2 call". We don't need any additional tracking numbers. We can use our own numbers so there are no number or minute fees! It's brilliant!! No other call tracking tool has this capability. Thank you Keymetric for saving us $$$$ on our mobile call tracking and for giving us the same great reports.
Mary Cole | March 1, 2017

Excellent Reporting

As an agency, we need to have the best reporting out there, and KeyMetric has it. We've tried a few other call tracking companies, but none can compare to KeyMetric.
Richard A. | March 1, 2017

Very Good Call Tracking Service

We use KeyMetric to track our affiliate campaigns for all our rehab facilities. Great information. Allows us to accurately track calls and ensure we get paid for every lead.
california-rehabs | Feb. 28, 2017

Mobile Tracking = Amazing

We went with KeyMetric because of their mobile platform, allowing us to track calls from mobile phones without any telephone costs. Saves us hundreds every month not paying for numbers or minutes. Great company to work with. New dashboard and reports look great.
Allied Systems | Feb. 3, 2017

Great Cost per Call Tool

Easy to track all our calls and prove their value to get paid by our customers. Knowing where to reinvest to keep our CpC rate up is critical to us, and KeyMetric makes it possible.
localstoragepros | Jan. 30, 2017

Great Reports

The tool includes other event data for emails, forms and media hits that really helps us measure how customers are engaging our business. Nice to have in addition to just the call information. Love the new dashboard. | Jan. 26, 2017

Good Tool

Very happy with Keymetric. Very helpful and friendly team. Love the new features. Solid platform that never goes down.
Amanda P | Jan. 17, 2017