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Check My Analytics

90% of most Google Analytics profiles are not setup correctly. We built a tool that tests the key issues in your setup in 5 seconds. Stop spending days looking for answers and start tracking your business correctly and efficiently.

No longer will SEO agencies and the like have to deal with wasting away time doing the same manual checks over and over again when on-boarding new clients. For business owners, bloggers and Google Analytics users of all skill levels, it helps you identify where you've gone wrong, where you can improve and how to do it.

Currently, the tool provides:
(Including Google Analytics code, Goals Implementation, Internal and Duplicate Filters, Funnels Implementation, Custom Campaign Tracking and much more)

(Including Bounce Rate Spikes, Traffic Spikes, Exit Spikes and much more)

We provide relevant links to high quality guides for each section of your implementation.

App Details

Created: Jan 29, 2015 | Updated: May 10, 2017


Freaky fast results

The best audit tool that I've seen for GA. Freaky fast results that are exportable/downloadable. This one is going in my tool belt!!!
boothmobiledesign | May 10, 2017

A handy powerful tool

I've used Check My Analytics and I highly recommend it. It gives great insight and saves time.
Zhongyi Xiao | Dec. 27, 2015

Easy and useful

I could identify a huge bug in a few minutes with this app.
Sylvain | Dec. 27, 2015


Great tool to make sure your Google Analytics setup is right. Diagnostic is rich and covers a wide range of functions. | Nov. 24, 2015

Great Tool for Google Analytics Audits

CheckMyAnalytics is a great tool to validate your Google Analytics setup by providing actionable behavioral and settings diagnostics. These behavioral tests include a quick summary of your performance trends on metrics such as landing page, bounce rate, traffic, conversion rate and responsiveness. Setting tests include whether your google analytics is configured for content grouping, funnels, internal visit filters, site search. Highly recommended and look forward to new features!
Eric Ramos | Nov. 5, 2015

A Must Use For Any Google Analytics Profile

Google Analytics is a great tool, with excellent insights, if it's set up correctly. Making sure you have the correct data is crucial to make correct decisions. CheckMyAnalytics does just this - it puts you on track to locate any set up issues. It is quick and easy to use and breaks down each item that needs attention. Highly recommended.
Cody Kinobi | May 7, 2015

Saves us hours everytime

Really quick and easy way to do the common checks. I used to spend hours doing menial work. Now I need only this tool for the classic checks
Freddy Chanut | Feb. 4, 2015


I've used Check My Analytics to audit my Google Analytics implementation across some of the site's I am affiliated with as well using the tool as an introductory step for working with new clients. Good overhead numbers and figures with plenty of room to improve with further checks. | Feb. 3, 2015