Bounteous, a Google Partner as LunaMetrics since 2007, specializes in creating big-picture digital solutions by uniting engineers, data scientists, analysts, marketers, strategists and designers to succeed where others fail. Clients include Caterpillar, PBS, Wilson and Domino’s.

Bounteous creates big picture digital solutions that help leading companies deliver transformational brand experiences with over 400 employees across Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, Toronto and San Francisco. Bounteous is recognized for a renowned Google Marketing Platform blog and training program.

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Sales Partner

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Display & Video 360
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Created: May 02, 2014 | Updated: Mar 08, 2019


Great GA/GTM Training by experienced trainers, per

I was a self-thought GA person doing analytics as a small part of my web development job. Analytics & UX gaining significance, I needed to get a proper training. I took both GA & GTM courses. All were eye opening, mind blowing trainings, Abigail and Dan were awesome; not only teaching but also answering case & industry specific marketing & technical oriented questions. Beyond all, I more appreciate their ongoing support answering my reasonably small, quick questions months after the training.
YSert | March 8, 2019

AMP Training

Dan stayed after our GA201 class to help us with AMP pages, and how they are tracked in GA. Thanks, Dan. You Rock! | Feb. 12, 2019

GTM Training

I attended the GTM training in Denver and it was an excellent experience. Our trainer, Amanda, did a great job of thoroughly explaining her steps and thought process throughout. The speed of the class was perfect as it wasn't too fast to confuse people, but not too slow that we lost interest. I would highly recommend this class if you want to learn the basics of GTM.
Brett P | May 9, 2018

Google Analytics and Tag Manager Training

I've been to several other trainings by various companies and LunaMetrics was by far one of my top 3 classes that I've had to take. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made sure to answer specific questions about my company's situation as well as other people in the class's companies. She even spent the lunch hour troubleshooting with us and spoke very highly about LunaMetrics as a company. I work in the marketing dept of an insurance company and have already started using my new skills! | Feb. 1, 2018

Google Analytics 201/301 and GTM Training

The Google Analytics 201/301 and Google Tag Manager classes were fantastic. I returned to my company with a wealth of actionable insights and tips that I was immediately able to use and teach to other employees. Hats off to LunaMetrics!
Evan B | Jan. 31, 2018

Data Studio and GTM training

I have a moderate level of experience with both Data Studio and Tag Manager, but there were specific tasks in both that I was unable to solve on my own, so I decided to check out their trainings in NYC. Both trainings had good content and exercises to get a beginner familiar with the tool and how to perform reoccurring tasks. The DS training covered the full scope of the products current capability, but GTM didn't have advanced capabilities. If they do a 201 of GTM, I'll definitely attend.
Jeremy M | Nov. 30, 2017

Google Analytics Training

I took Google Analytics 101, 201, 301, and Tag manager training. All of the classes had great trainers who really broke the subject matter down well for a beginner like me. I just took advantage of their "get out of jail free" question that they offer to all of their students, and the consultant nailed my question and taught me even more.
shauna.fjeld | Oct. 20, 2017

Excellent Google Analytics Tag Manager Training

Excellent training opportunities. We learned a lot to improve our google analytics and tag manager implementation. Fun energetic trainer with hands on activities to learn the skills. They also provided us with a lot of resources for future work.
jpotts2 | Oct. 20, 2017

Excellent Google Analytics Training

I participated in LunaMetrics' GA 101, GA 201 and GA 301 training classes. The content was incredibly valuable, and the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and prepared. I easily passed the Google Analytics IQ exam after the training.
Shane B. | Sept. 29, 2017

Courses PACKED FULL of Useful Information

My company sent two folks to all 3 Google Analytics and both Google Adwords classes. We learned how to better manage our client's Adwords accounts and put their analytics information to better use. This will make us more money by allowing us to provide more advanced services to our clients and this will make our clients more money by allowing them to leverage a complex data set in an easy to use and easy to understand way. This is the most useful training we have ever done!
Steve Hyer | Sept. 18, 2017

Outstanding Expertise, Service, and Support

I’m the Web Manager for a company with whom LunaMetrics has been working to implement Google 360 for the past year. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the help and patience from Kristen Perko as our primary project lead on everything regarding this project. Throughout, Kristen was simply excellent: prompt, clear, detailed, responsive, (did I mention patient?), professional and enjoyable to work with. | July 6, 2017

GA Classes

Classes were very useful, Amanda did a wonderful job explaining everything you need to know about google analytics. She not only did a great job in the classes but very helpful after the class as well. She helped me figured out in detail on how to get reports I want. I highly recommend. | May 19, 2017