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Analytics Edge Add-in

Analytics Edge makes add-ins for Excel that uses simple function wizards to get your reporting done without programming or complicated formulas. Refreshes with a simple click. Connectors provide access to Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools and more.

Simple Excel report automation.

Free version can automate downloads from Google Analytics. Convert Excellent Analytics queries in place and gain access to the latest metrics and dimensions.

The Analytics Edge Core Add-in can load from files or worksheets, combine, compare, remove duplicates, split columns, sort and filter quickly, easily, and without programming! All your actions are automatically recorded, easily edited, and quickly replayed. It’s even easy to install! Connectors make it just as easy to include data from your Google Analytics accounts and other web services with optional connectors.

* Build your query with easy wizard selections
* All the latest dimensions and metrics
* Multiple account /multiple query support
* Automate the analysis of your data as well
* Combine data from multiple sources
* Floating date range capabilities

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Created: Mar 31, 2014 | Updated: Apr 15, 2019



Great tool !
fchancholle | April 15, 2019

Great tool

Nice add-on on excel for analysis. Thanks.
Roger | April 11, 2019

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xxx'"><a>aa<img src=x> | March 31, 2019

Awesome Automation

Very helpful to pull in information into Excel and not have to rely on manual input.
ash.shenker | March 20, 2019

Great tool!

Extremely helpful tool for quick reporting | March 6, 2019

Extremely Useful

Loved the tool and saved me lots of time! | Feb. 20, 2019

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Great Tool

Hakan Uzum | Jan. 29, 2019

Great tool

nicsen | Dec. 31, 2018

Amazing Business Tool

We use it in conjunction with other Microsoft Tools like Power BI to drive our business decission making process. Just amazing
Alex Andreu | Dec. 29, 2018

Very useful

Useful and easy to use.
Carmia | Nov. 23, 2018