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Analytics Canvas

Canvas extends the capabilities of individuals and teams by letting them perform efficient, accurate and reliable analysis. For standard and premium accounts, eliminate sampling, access and analyze multiple accounts at once, automate routine processes, update dashboards, write to databases and more.

Built specifically for analysts and developers, Analytics Canvas eliminates manual tasks and enables analysts to drill deep into their data to extract powerful, actionable new insights.

Whether your challenge is with sampling, handling large data sets, uploading cost data, blending in data from databases and files, writing to databases or working with multiple domains, Analytics Canvas has the solution for you and your team.

Query and build your reports in a visual environment that lets you point and click, drag and drop your way to rich dashboards without coding to the API or writing SQL. Collaborate and share analysis within the company or agency, and easily document every step as you go.

Our support staff are readily available to consult with you and your team to help you get the most out of the tool and out of Google Analytics.

With way more power than a spreadsheet, once you try it you’ll want to conduct all of your reporting and analysis using Analytics Canvas.

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Created: Oct 09, 2010 | Updated: Sep 13, 2017


Great Customer Support

Requested a demo of the tool, which Ameet guided us through and helped us get up to speed fast. Once we started using the tool, all follow up questions were promptly answered along with guide material, and they checked back in to make sure we had everything working correctly.
Cormac Smith | Sept. 13, 2017

The Best Tool For Creating Unsampled GA Reports

I love Analytics Canvas because it gives me the ability to get unsampled data without having to pay $150k for Google Analytics premium. As a company that gets over 4 million sessions a year but cannot afford GA premium, it's perfect for us! The support team is top notch and very responsive, which helps me get my work done quickly. Thanks guys!
Craig Pence | Aug. 3, 2017

Great Analytics Tool

I use it to create weekly reports, easy to use and saved a lot of time.
Bohan | July 18, 2016

Great Analytics Tool

AC is an excellent tool for data analysis, GA or internal excel sheets. The service is outstanding. Quick and efficient. Very satsified with the platform.
Mark | June 2, 2016

The tool for connecting internal & GA Data

Easy to learn and use. Highly recommended!
Kristina Popat Trackify Ltd | Aug. 9, 2015

Just What We Needed

Hit a home run with Analytics Canvas right out of the gate yesterday! We were able to do something with GA data that we had never done before and my comment to our Internet Director was “so…can you think of another tool that in ONE business day could get this information?” He was very pleased.
BW, Director Of Business Intelligence | June 3, 2015

Limitless Powerful

There's a bit of a learning curve but right off the bat you see the benefits of the tool. Creating reports and manipulating the way in which it is extracted has great benefits. I recommend this to anyone who feels they spend too much time exporting data directly from GA.
Dan G. | April 17, 2015

Awesome Tool

Analytics Canvas is a phenomenal solution to circumvent the classic GA limitations we have. Diving more into its use with merging data sources and Tableau. Has been extremely effective in enhancing our team's reporting.
Alek Toumert | Feb. 12, 2015

Love this tool!

I'm a GA free user with a very custom implementation. AC allows me to easily access all of my data, which is such a savior since most of my reports are not based on standard tables. We're now beginning a project where we're taking our GA data out of the tool and placing in our EDW which could not be accomplished without AC and the server automation license. Even if you aren't familiar with ETL tools, you will be able to learn their interface quickly!
Valerie Lambert | Feb. 12, 2015

Analytics Canvas + Tableau = Max. Productivity

Analytics Canvas with its Tableau connector brings out the best in the visual thinking culture. Less tinkering and wasting time validating numbers, more data discovery and insightful conclusions. Business intelligence has never been so simple and affordable too!
Digital Analytics Consultant | Jan. 23, 2015

The best friend a Tableau/GA user can hope for!

When you connect Google Analytics to Tableau directly, you soon realize there are certain limitations in analyzing the API data extracts of many profiles, and just like that, Analytics Canvas made all my headaches go away. Phenomenal data processing power, great useability with friendly tech support to boot, it facilitated data consolidation, simplified updates via automation and, most importantly, allowed me to seamlessly combine accurate insights with Tableau's data visualization prowess.
Vinh Buu | Jan. 23, 2015

Automation Worth Checking Out

Absolutely agree with comments by others below. The automation add-on is worth checking out, and if you run into difficulty, James and team will help you out. | Aug. 29, 2014