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Case Study

Banco Azteca increases financial product sales by 178% with Google Marketing Platform

Mexico’s largest digital banking institution, Banco Azteca, strives to be customers’ top choice in digital banking. To help reach more potential customers and offer tailored financial solutions, the bank relies on its affiliate network. Affiliates within the network advertise Banco Azteca’s products and services through their own distribution channels, providing Banco Azteca with more points of sale and affiliates with potential leads for which they earn commissions. Activating and sharing audience insights with its affiliate network helps Banco Azteca better understand prospective customers. This lowers campaign and lead acquisition costs across the board.

Banco Azteca's existing technology needed to be consolidated and simplified as the brand was using multiple technologies and tools. “The data from affiliate networks cannot remain in silos,” says Montserrat Nava, Head of Digital Sales at Banco Azteca. “We needed a holistic view of all our prospects in order to offer them the most relevant products and services.”

The bank needed an integrated solution that could aggregate data from all its prospective customers’ data sources, so that it could deliver a customized, more relevant website experience to their customers. Montserrat and the rest of the digital sales team at Banco Azteca had already been using Google Marketing Platform to improve their marketing performance and were already using Google Cloud for data analysis and reporting, so they wanted to use these two platforms together to see if adding in customer insights from more of its data sources would improve marketing performance. To bring this solution to life, the team turned to its Google Marketing Platform Partner, Incubeta.

Consolidating customer insights in BigQuery

BigQuery, Google Cloud’s data warehouse, became Banco Azteca’s primary storage space for customer insights. By using BigQuery, the team was able to bring both affiliate data and Banco Azteca data into a single place. And because Banco Azteca was already using Analytics 360 to measure customer engagement on its website, it was able to quickly export these insights to BigQuery through the BigQuery Export feature.

Having consolidated data in BigQuery brought another benefit too. Incubeta was able to help Banco Azteca do further analysis on this data. “Because of this analysis, the Incubeta team was able to better understand the journey of Banco Azteca’s prospective customers and this enabled us to advise Banco Azteca on potential site experiences it could build,” says Hebert Hernández, CEO of Incubeta.

For example, if people who had submitted their information via a form on an affiliate’s website and soon visited Banco Azteca’s site, but Banco Azteca had not be able to follow up with them yet, Incubeta could place a customized message on the site saying Banco Azteca would reach out to them soon.

Activating insights within Google Marketing Platform

With actionable insights in hand from BigQuery, Incubeta needed to bring those insights into Google Marketing Platform so that they could be activated. Using Data Import, Incubeta was able to bring the insights from BigQuery directly into Analytics 360. From there they could create audiences to customize the experiences for their prospective customers.

In order to customize the site for specific audiences, Incubeta helped Banco Azteca use Optimize 360. Sharing Analytics 360 audiences to Optimize 360 was simple as the two tools were natively integrated. Once the audiences had been shared, Incubeta was able to build personalized site experiences for each audience so that when people from an audience visited the Banco Azteca site, they saw a custom page.

Google Marketing Platform
Google Marketing Platform

Banco Azteca was also able to customize its campaigns in Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 by adding and removing Analytics 360 audiences that the campaigns can reach. This means that people see recommended products based on their online and offline behaviors with an affiliate or Banco Azteca. By communicating the right message to the right user, the bank is able to generate higher-quality leads, accelerating customer acquisition.

Serving more customers with centralized insights

After implementing this strategy with Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud, Banco Azteca’s average sales for its financial products grew by 178% during the first 2 quarters of 2020, and the bank reached 20 million prospective customers each month. Cost per action dropped 30%, and new personal credit accounts increased by 69%. Today, Banco Azteca serves 14M digital clients with its new systems, and has scaled its affiliate network by adding more than 500 sub-affiliates — a staggering 8x growth.

“Using Google Marketing Platform has given us a better understanding of our audiences journeys, which has helped us grow our digital business.”

Montserrat Nava, Head of Digital Sales, Banco Azteca

After successfully using Google Marketing Platform with Google Cloud, Banco Azteca has integrated other areas of the wider business into this strategy. Seeing such clean, actionable insights through Google Marketing Platform also prompted the entire organization to audit all of its current measurement processes across its sites, paving the way for a seamless digital banking experience and future business growth.

Note: Data that is shared with third-party companies only includes the behavior of prospective customers in digital channels.

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