Lucky Brand creates an insights-driven culture with Data Studio
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Lucky Brand creates an insights-driven culture with Data Studio

An iconic denim brand re-thinks reporting for its e-commerce site

Since 1990, Lucky Brand has been a go-to brand for denim lovers, creating stylish, reliable apparel for a wide audience.

In addition to their wholesale business, Lucky Brand sells their product lines in their own stores and on their website, which gives them valuable end-to-end control over merchandising decisions. And it’s critical for them to be aware of the latest trends, so they can stock up on the products that their customers are most excited about. Lucky Brand’s goal was to create a system for gathering timely, high-quality product performance insights that would help them know which styles to show, and how many of each style to make.

The team at Lucky Brand also wanted to make sure they could share these performance insights across their organization, especially with executive decision makers. This meant they needed insights that were not only useful and timely, but also easily digestible and approachable to people outside of their analytics team. Lucky Brand decided to use Data Studio because of its easy-to-use interface, customizable and shareable reports, and integrated capabilities with other Google Marketing Platform products like Analytics 360.

Sharing insights from the bottom up

To get quality insights in the hands of their top decision makers using a format that is easily digestable, Lucky Brand partnered with Napkyn Analytics, an analytics consulting agency.

Napkyn Analytics first helped Lucky Brand pinpoint the most informative e-commerce insights that could be measured with Analytics 360. These metrics included the rate at which customers clicked through the product list, the number of times a customer viewed product detail pages, the average number of pages a customer clicked through after searching for a product, as well as many others. They then used Data Studio to transform these insights into an “Executive Daily” e-commerce report that provided year-over-year comparisons for metrics such as revenue, sessions, transactions, conversion rate, and average order value.

Digging into the details

Beyond top-level reports, Data Studio helps Lucky Brand executives dive deeper into digital insights with a more detailed view of performance that surfaces the answers they need from their data, quickly.

“Data Studio can help you understand the e-commerce story as a whole or with extreme granularity by using intuitive data modeling to illustrate a wide range of KPIs.”

Mark Estrada, Global Omnichannel Operations & UX Manager, Lucky Brand

The executive dashboard the Lucky Brand team created in Data Studio includes product filters that help executives isolate specific apparel categories. For instance, if the team at Lucky Brand wanted a better idea of jean conversions, they could filter by type of jean, like “skinny jeans” or “men’s jeans” to get a better idea of how specific styles are performing in-store or online. This ability to customize the types of granular insights they gather has helped Lucky Brand make informed merchandising decisions.

Insights take center stage

Lucky Brand’s executive reports were an immediate hit. Not only have key decision makers made reading them part of their daily routine, but year-over-year performance continues to improve across the majority of categories, now that these valuable insights are surfaced regularly from their data.

But the results don’t end at stronger sales. With executive buy-in also comes a more insights-driven culture — and the ability to address performance issues more nimbly, as they come up.

When insights from the executive report made their way to Lucky Brand’s SVP of Strategic Brand Marketing & eCommerce, Tim Mack, he and his team noticed that the year-over-year conversion rate for a specific category in women’s fashion was down. The team then turned to Data Studio to identify the exact pieces that were underperforming. They rapidly responded by offering a promotion to move the product, and then used their sales insights to decide which items would be best in its place. The performance for that clothing line quickly improved.

“The most impressive benefit of Data Studio has been its time to value,” says Mark Estrada, Global Omnichannel Operations & UX Manager at Lucky Brand. “We’ve been able to quickly gauge what area of the business is contributing to the main variances in expected performance.”

Keeping insights at the center of their strategy, Lucky Brand is excited to build on its momentum. Looking ahead, the team plans to continue to use Data Studio with Analytics 360 to expand their reporting capabilities. Specifically, they are interested in working with Napkyn Analytics to leverage Data Studio’s integration with BigQuery, in addition to Analytics 360, to do a same weekday, year-over-year analysis, for a more precise comparison of how their products are selling. They hope to utilize these product integrations and other Google Marketing Platform products to better measure and identify insights in the shopper journey, and understand which of their advertising investments are driving the strongest returns.

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