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Omni Hotels boosts conversions 4X by ditching cookies for Display & Video 360’s PAIR

From its roots in grand historic hotels to its collection of modern resort destinations, Omni Hotels & Resorts has been shaping the hospitality landscape for decades. With over 40 locations spanning across North America, Omni has continued to build upon its rich legacy that blends time-honored elegance with personalized experiences, offering guests a taste of genuine luxury.

As privacy regulations tighten and the era of third-party deprecation begins, Omni Hotels & Resorts recognized the urgency of finding new ways to reach their target audience. They wanted to continue the personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty and bookings, without compromising user privacy.

With their valuable first-party data and the help of their expert digital and programmatic partners, PMG and MiQ, they aimed to find a solution that would not only work today but would be sustainable in the evolving advertising landscape.

Unlocking Display & Video 360’s PAIR for privacy-centric campaigns

One of the main concerns of many privacy-first solutions is the potential for data leakage or unintended use of consumer information. To navigate the new privacy-first environment, Omni Hotels & Resorts, PMG, and MiQ turned to Google Display & Video 360 and LiveRamp to enhance the relevant ads targeted at customers. At the heart of their approach was Display & Video 360’s Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) solution. PAIR gives publishers and advertisers the option to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for audiences who have visited both an advertiser’s and a publisher’s site. Unlike traditional methods of targeting that often rely on pooling of audience data, PAIR allows the advertiser and the publisher to maintain ownership and control of their data.

"This privacy-first approach ensures a fully personalized experience without compromising sensitive identifiers."

Andrea DeLeon, Senior Director, Digital Commerce, Omni Hotels & Resorts

Leveraging a PAIR-specific Authenticated Traffic Solution module helped facilitate the infrastructure for hundreds of publishers to build and use first-party data in the bidstream with PAIR, resulting in a significant increase in campaign reach for Omni. This collaboration resulted in a system where the brand could deliver relevant ads and offers to interested customers, respecting their privacy while fostering strong relationships.

Privacy pays off

The results of this privacy-forward strategy were undeniably positive. In a pivotal campaign managed by PMG and MiQ, ads utilizing the PAIR solution significantly outperformed traditional cookie-based targeting, boasting a 4X increase in conversion rates.

Website visits after ad exposure were the key metric, demonstrating the effectiveness of PAIR in guiding potential guests towards booking decisions. These compelling results solidified Omni Hotels & Resorts' confidence in PAIR. They're now prepared to scale their campaigns, further leveraging their first-party data within Display & Video 360 to unlock more value and drive bookings, all while safeguarding the privacy of their valued customers and setting a strong foundation for success in the post-cookie landscape.

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