Reprise achieves big productivity boost with Google Data Studio
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Reprise achieves big productivity boost with Google Data Studio

Where does the time go?

Reprise, a digital agency in the IPG Mediabrands family that focuses on search marketing for big-name clients, had two paramount goals: to free up employee time and increase productivity across the entire organization. And with more than 2,400 employees in 71 offices across 42 countries around the world, achieving company-wide time savings would require robust new tools.

When Graham Wilkinson, Reprise’s Global Head of Product, was tasked with the challenge of saving everyone in the company 20 minutes a day, he set to work investigating where his digital marketers were spending too much time and how he could boost their productivity.

He found that his teams were devoting a lot of resources to manually entering, building, and reorganizing data in spreadsheets. These tasks not only consumed time, but also increased the chance of introducing errors into the data. And because teams were spending so much time working in spreadsheets and manually creating reports, they had less for the more important work of extracting insights from the data.

“In our industry, some tools and workflows cost us a lot of time, and we decided we needed to be able to work smarter,” said Graham.

Saving valuable time and effort with built-in connections

The Reprise team started looking into different platforms and systems for organizing data and creating visual reports that they could share with clients. As the team compared the capabilities and limitations of several different solutions, Data Studio quickly rose to the top as the one that best fit Reprise’s needs.

“One of the biggest advantages of Data Studio was that we already use a lot of tools in the Google ecosystem. Since Search is such a big component of our business, the built-in integrations to products like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Display & Video 360 were a huge plus,” observed Graham.

Reprise found that Data Studio offered many advantages over other platforms. The Reprise team was excited by its easy connection to Google Ads products, its data visualization capabilities, and the ability to expand reporting by comparing metrics across channels — for example, Data Studio’s ability to integrate data from YouTube and display advertising.

Building success from the ground up

To help ensure a successful rollout of Data Studio, Reprise invested in building customized report templates and dashboards to share with teams across different regions and verticals. It started by reaching out to team leaders in different regions to determine the specific needs and metrics that were most important for each vertical. Reprise then worked to launch customized reporting templates in each of its top 13 global markets.

An important step in scaling up the time savings was to assure that all key stakeholders across the company had access to these new dashboards. They also made sure these stakeholders had the ability to replicate and build upon these dashboards for their own needs.

Freeing up time, even if it’s just a few minutes a day, equates to a lot of time on an annual basis. At Reprise, Data Studio has saved our team literally thousands of hours.

Graham Wilkinson, SVP, Global Head of Product, Reprise

Turning extra time into extra revenue

By providing these new automated reports, Data Studio helped Reprise employees avoid getting bogged down in inefficient manual processes and time-consuming spreadsheets. After implementing more than 100 dashboards, Graham was able to estimate that the new system saves Reprise about 8,000 work hours per year.

With easy-to-use dashboards in place, Reprise’s digital experts were able to devote much more of their workdays to finding insights and taking action. This extra time meant that teams could work on building more complex strategies to drive revenue, using Google Experiments to conduct creative tests, and implementing remarketing lists and other more advanced features.

“Being able to spend time generating actionable insights is a huge driver of our company,” said Graham. “We want to make sure our teams are going as deep as they can and use data not just to optimize search but also to solve problems.”

After seeing the huge productivity gains of implementing Data Studio in its top 13 markets, Reprise now plans to expand the platform across more verticals and clients. It also plans to deepen the expertise of its staff, both within Data Studio and with other Google products its teams use. On a global scale, Reprise plans to share reporting templates and best practices across regions. It hopes to train at least one person in each market to be a go-to resource for the team, helping the company create compelling data visualizations for key clients.

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