Shueisha creates insights-driven content with Google Data Studio
Case Study

Shueisha creates insights-driven content with Google Data Studio

Embracing the digital revolution in publishing

Shueisha is a major Japanese publishing company known for comics, magazines, and books. The brand’s immensely popular series, including NARUTO and DRAGON BALL, have resonated with audiences around the world.

Alongside its print businesses, Shueisha has embraced the digital revolution. It now develops apps, including Shonen Jump+, which has been downloaded more than 8 million times and boasts over 2 million monthly active users.

Boosting active users through content measurement

To measure the success of Shonen Jump+, Shueisha uses Google Marketing Platform to gather and understand information related to views and billing. But the company wanted to make its digital information even easier to analyze, so it partnered with digital marketer e-Agency.

Thanks to the partnership, Shueisha was able to use Google Data Studio to visualize its metrics through customized dashboards. After each episode was released, the new dashboards showed key metrics such as views, likes, and active user rate.

One of Shueisha’s main goals was to increase the number of active users, and Data Studio gave the company the ability to see whether offering free titles contributed to more sessions and active users.

Segmenting casual users, superfans, and everyone between

Shueisha also wanted to increase revenue by improving the lifetime value of its customers. To achieve this goal, the company divided its users into three categories (core, regular, and light) depending on how many times they visited the app and other factors.

Based on these insights, the company was able to make better product decisions in both the app and in other publications. Equipped with this newfound visibility, Shueisha could decide which titles they should edit, continue, or stop releasing.

As a publisher, efficiency in data and analytics is a huge factor in the success of our production process. Data Studio enables us to get real-time insights about our audience and make fast, informed creative decisions.

Shuhei Hosono, Editor-in-chief, Shonen Jump+

Real-time monitoring

In the past, generating a report typically took the Shueisha team several weeks — employees either had to create them manually or outsource the work. Now, with the flexible and real-time visualization features in Data Studio, teams can instantly check the progress of company goals and the popularity of newly released episodes through views, likes, and active user rates.

This immediate monitoring has also helped teams create insights-driven business workflows. They’re able to visualize how users are reacting to content in real time, which allows Shueisha’s editors and authors to quickly adjust their creative work.

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