Travel Money Oz re-engages customers with help from Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Case Study

Travel Money Oz re-engages customers with help from Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Travel Money Oz wants to help more people explore the world by taking the hassle out of foreign currency exchange. As Australia’s leading currency exchange provider, they help travelers buy and sell currency, purchase travel money cards, and much more.

“We’re in the business of travel money because we love and know travel,” says Clinton Hearne, Head of Marketing at Travel Money Oz. “This love of travel is how we connect with our customers.”

Hearne and team wanted to identify ways they could better engage with their customers. “We needed to bring all our customer data sources together in a way that was actionable for us as a marketing team,” says Hearne. “We reworked our Analytics 360 implementation to better understand how customers were engaging with our website and were surprised with what we found.”

Travel Money Oz was losing a substantial number of customers who had abandoned their shopping carts before purchase. “When we saw the dollar value of our abandoned cart customers, that was definitely an ‘oh no ... ‘ moment, but in a good way because we knew where we had to focus our attention,” says Hearne.

The team believed that if they could find a way to quickly re-engage these potential customers, they could convince them of the value of their products and earn their business.

A powerful integration helps connect with lost customers

Analytics 360 helped the Travel Money Oz team uncover its audience of cart abandoners — but it was Analytics 360’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud that would help them re-engage these visitors quickly through an email campaign.

Hearne and team loved that they could completely manage the entire campaign process on both platforms – without additional help from data scientists, analysts, or other company resources.

“First, we created audiences in Analytics 360 for each abandoned product funnel,” explains Hearne. “For instance, we would make an audience for all customers who abandoned a foreign currency cash purchase.”

Then, they got to work building email campaigns in Marketing Cloud using Content Builder and Journey Builder. “Once the email campaigns were ready, we published the Analytics 360 audiences to Marketing Cloud,” says Hearne. “It was as easy as a couple of clicks and it was done!”

The email campaign could then successfully reach the customers who had abandoned their carts and encourage them to take that final step toward a purchase.

Re-engaged users, increased revenue

“We saw amazing results straight out of the gate. These email campaigns have achieved a 175% increase in email open rate and a 9X increase in email click through rate compared to our previous campaigns.”

Clinton Hearne, Head of Marketing, Travel Money Oz

The Travel Money Oz team also saw their email campaign pay off for their bottom line. After launching this campaign, online sales from their entire email channel improved by 12%.

These encouraging results have inspired the Travel Money Oz team to focus their future campaigns around the integration of Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud. Soon they hope to start a campaign that will introduce other complementary products after customers complete a purchase.

“We will be continuing to add new audiences in Analytics 360 and activate them in Marketing Cloud going forward — and will play a key role in the development and roll out of all new features and tools on our website,” says Hearne. “How we continue to use Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud will be key to ensuring success.”

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