Cebu Pacific makes travel a breeze with insights from Google Marketing Platform
Case Study

Cebu Pacific makes travel a breeze with insights from Google Marketing Platform

Good marketers listen to what their customers want. Great ones find ways to have a conversation with them. And in the travel industry, where people have more choices than ever, marketing insights can not only lead to great conversations — but also more customers.

That’s why the largest airline in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific, turned to Google Marketing Platform. The marketing team discovered that there was increased interest in key flight routes, so they were able to quickly adjust their creative strategy. Watch the video to see how Cebu Pacific motivated travelers by delivering more relevant ads at the right moments.

Video Transcription

Candice Iyog, VP, Marketing and Distribution:

Cebu Pacific is the largest airline in the Philippines. We fly over 20 million passengers a year to over 100 routes across the Philippines and the rest of Asia. There was particular interest for travel to two of our key international destinations, which were Singapore and Japan. At the same time, we were seeing that the interest of the customers doesn’t match the ads that are being served.

Yves Kangleon, Director of Analytics:

For us, the answer is Google Marketing Platform. We are able to understand our customers better and what they’re looking for. We use these insights to identify interest from travelers to our priority routes. We can automatically personalize ads that feature images of travelers based on their interests and the articles that they read. It also allows our customers to perform flight search within the ad immediately without having to click through to the website. This dramatically shortens the customer research journey. The best price is already available right away.


Considering that we have a very lean marketing team, we’re very excited and happy about the results. Google Marketing Platform has helped us reduce the time it takes for us to deliver creatives by close to 60%. Overall since using Google Marketing Platform, we’ve seen an improvement of 134% in clickthrough rates.

The real breakthrough from this experiment was really being able to successfully collaborate across the different functions within the organization, to be able to deliver something faster in a smarter way. Ultimately, this will allow us to sell more seats and reduce our cost-per-acquisition over time.

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