adidas brings teams together around insights with Google Marketing Platform
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adidas brings teams together around insights with Google Marketing Platform

In a world where the consumer journey is no longer linear, it can be difficult to know when to deliver a brand message or a product message. adidas turned to Google Marketing Platform to use audience insights to inform the art of storytelling and help teams, from brand marketing to retail to e-commerce, deliver relevant messages across channels.

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Chris Murphy, Head of Digital Experience:

At adidas, collaboration is one of the things that we focus on as a company overall, to make sure that we’re all working more closely with each other. We talk a lot about the consumer journey no longer being linear. It’s very difficult to know when the consumer is going to come in contact with your message. And because of that it makes it much harder to deliver the right message at the right time.

One thing we do a lot more now is we use data to help us. In a singular environment like Google Marketing Platform, when you’re able to see audience insights and information, you can share across all those departments from a brand perspective, from an ecommerce perspective, from a retail perspective.

What we found is if we’re sharing insights, we know when someone should be receiving a brand message versus a product message — when they’re thinking about buying or when they’re actually ready to purchase.

Kelly Olmstead, VP, Brand Activation for North America:

Being in brand marketing for so long, there was this initial pushback on data and the science behind it, because it was an art. But what we’re seeing now is the ability for data and insights to really inform the art of storytelling. It allows us to understand the impact that we’re having in real time.


Real time is incredibly important to us. We want to let people know that the shoe that was on our basketball player who just had a triple-double, is our shoe. And so it’s important for us to push media out there very quickly. Google Marketing Platform helps us do that. You have a very easy to use platform where you already have audiences built in. To see both the usual brand lift and brand affinity lift go up, and to see traffic and sales both increase across the board was great for us.


Starting every meeting with data and insights, that’s something that we want to take outside of just the marketing organization, and really infuse it across our culture here at adidas.

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