Get deeper insights with Enhanced Ecommerce
Feature Brief

Get deeper insights with Enhanced Ecommerce


Make smarter online retail decisions

As online commerce evolves, retailers are looking for more ways to help shoppers become buyers. Insight into on-site behavior lets retailers make smarter decisions, and Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics provides understanding of pre-purchase shopping behavior and product performance. Its analysis capabilities help you optimize the evolution of retail.

Using Enhanced Ecommerce, you can see how far shoppers get in the shopping funnel, and where they drop off. Understand which products are viewed most, which get left in carts, and which lead to conversions. You can also upload product metadata to analyze sales performance across multiple dimensions, and create user segments to see how consumers interact with your products.

Better information allows you to take immediate action to support your bottom line, and Analytics insights help you improve the total ecommerce experience and turn more shoppers into buyers.

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