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Case Study

Claro Shop uses Google Analytics 4 to increase in-app purchases in time for the holiday season

Claro Shop is a Mexican online marketplace where you can find everything from household goods to cell phones. On the third Monday in November, Mexico celebrates its annual shopping holiday, Buen Fin. Much like Black Friday in the US, retailers provide deals to encourage consumers to buy goods right before the holidays. In this crowded space, Claro Shop wanted to stand out against larger and more established international retailers. To do this, they needed actionable customer insights and a way to rapidly create relevant ads for their audience.

New insights and predictive audiences in Google Analytics 4

Claro Shop started using Google Analytics 4 as their primary analytics solution. This upgrade gave them access to insights from their app and website all in one place.

“Our transition to Google Analytics 4 helped us gain a deeper understanding of our users across web and app.”

Christian Ordaz, Head of Marketing, Claro Shop

This was key for the retailer going into Buen Fin. Using Google Analytics data, they could get a better understanding of how their platforms were performing independently and together. In doing so, they discovered that users on their app were more likely to make a purchase compared to their web users.

To take advantage of this insight, the team decided to re-engage with customers who installed the app but hadn’t yet made a purchase. They turned to predictive audiences in Google Analytics 4 to generate the best audience for their campaign. Because the Buen Fin shopping season lasts for about a week, Claro Shop chose the “likely 7 day purchasers'' audience template. Using machine learning, Analytics analyzed historical data to predict future purchase behavior with a high degree of confidence.

Reaching app users with fresh and relevant content

The integration between Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads made it easy for the team at Claro Shop to use the new predictive audiences as part of their ad campaign. They decided to reach these prospective customers using App Campaigns for Engagement.

“We see great performance in the use of Google Analytics 4 predictive audiences, especially in app engagement campaigns.”

Christian Ordaz, Head of Marketing, Claro Shop

This automated solution allowed them to re-engage users who had installed their app across multiple Google channels like Search and YouTube, and encouraged them to make in-app purchases during Buen Fin. Claro Shop simply submitted some text, images and video and Google Ads automatically tested different combinations to find the most effective ads for their customers. With machine learning, the retailer was able to create efficient ads that reached their preferred audience just before the holiday season.

Making the right connections

After creating the predictive audience and using it to re-engage Android users, Claro Shop's conversion rate increased 6 times among “likely 7-day purchasers.” On top of this, the retailer saw a 78% decrease in its cost per action. Seeing the results of the campaign after one week, they decided to continue using predictive audiences for future campaigns.

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