How The North Face used Tag Manager 360 to increase conversions by 3X
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How The North Face used Tag Manager 360 to increase conversions by 3X

The North Face is a global leader in outerwear apparel and an important part of consumers’ journeys as they explore the world. As a global retailer, it’s important for The North Face to understand what consumers are looking for in each market and optimize the consumer experience to those preferences. That’s why the brand frequently looks at how consumers are searching for items on its website.

By using Google Tag Manager 360, in combination with Analytics 360, the brand discovered that their customers were searching for a new term, “midi parka.” With this insight, The North Face quickly renamed one of its products and drove a 3X increase in conversions and revenue.

Video Transcription

Evans: At The North Face, we would not say we're a clothing brand. We're an exploration brand.

Dvorsky: One of the most awesome things about The North Face is that our gear is literally a part of someone's journey as they're exploring.

Dvorsky: Running a global business in the retail space, it's important to know the preferences of those markets. So we need to be looking at fresh data sets, whether that be through search trends or just how people are viewing things on our website, and actually optimize the way that we're actually showing up to that consumer./

Dvorsky: Google Tag Manager 360 and Analytics 360 allows us to capture consumer behavior in a simplified manner. We're measuring all of the little pieces of information that someone would be interacting with on our website.

Evans: What I love about Google Tag Manager is how real time it is. For example, the vernacular of what people are searching for literally changes year to year. People used to say they were looking for a winter coat, then it was a winter parka, then it was a winter puffer, then a few years ago, out of nowhere, we saw this new term pop out, the midi parka. This was a new search term for something that we already sold, but we just weren't naming the way that consumers were looking for it.

Evans: We were able to quickly rename our products and make sure that our search functionality was working on the website to serve up that information, and we saw, essentially, a tripling overnight in both conversion and revenue because people were able to find what they were looking for.

Dvorsky: Working for The North Face, how we wanna show up in the marketplace is really just to unlock people's passions to go explore.

Evans: It has been partners like Google who have helped us to harness the power of data that lets us act on what our consumers are asking for much faster.

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