iProspect boosts Thon Hotels' revenue 147% with Google Search Ads 360
Case Study

iProspect boosts Thon Hotels' revenue 147% with Google Search Ads 360

Using bid strategies to optimize and automate

Thon Hotels is one of Norway’s leading hotel chains with 69 hotels across Norway, six in Brussels and one in Rotterdam. To maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) for specific search campaigns — especially with the top generic campaigns where the company faced a lot of competition — Thon Hotels turned to Google Search Ads 360.

Agency specialists at iProspect Norway helped Thon Hotels implement Search Ads 360’s bid strategies. This allowed the chain to automatically set the optimal bid for keywords several times a day, and adjust for mobile, location, and remarketing performance. It also ensured a high level of optimization across thousands of keywords with minimal guidance. By saving time on bid optimization, iProspect could focus on more strategic tasks instead.

We have expanded the Search Ads 360 bid strategies to cover all search campaigns in the account and combined it with data-driven attribution, and we continue to see great results. Search Ads 360 bid strategies gives us more time to focus on strategic planning and other ways to optimize our clients’ search marketing campaigns.

Martine Østvold, Performance Marketing Specialist, iProspect Norway

Testing a new approach leads to huge revenue growth

To maximize revenue while hitting a specific ROAS objective, the iProspect team applied an automated ROAS bid strategy in Search Ads 360 to a group of search campaigns. They measured its performance during the test period in order to make a comparison against campaigns that were being managed without a bid strategy.

When the test period was complete, the results demonstrated that the ROAS bid strategy delivered a 13% increase in ROAS and revenue growth of 147% — significantly higher than the campaigns without a bid strategy. Armed with these promising results, iProspect and Thon Hotels are now planning to implement a similar ROAS bid strategy in other markets beyond Norway.

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