Jellyfish increases agency efficiency with Google Search Ads 360
Case Study

Jellyfish increases agency efficiency with Google Search Ads 360

Finding problems before they start

Members of the digital agency Jellyfish were spending over a quarter of their time monitoring the performance of campaigns, searching for potential errors, and solving the problems they found. In order to increase the amount of time that account teams could spend on optimization and innovation, Jellyfish used Google Search Ads 360 to create an automated early warning system. The aim was to make spotting problems — such as an error in a campaign creative, a halt in conversions, or sudden diversion in landing page URLs — fast and effortless.

Creating rules to monitor campaigns

The first step was to define all the issues that could occur during a search campaign. Search Ads 360 then allowed Jellyfish to create rules to monitor particular conditions on a set schedule. These rules then sent notifications whenever a problem was detected. Multiple conditions could be included in a rule, giving Jellyfish the ability to monitor campaign performance on a granular level. When a particular condition was detected, Jellyfish could respond quickly — by changing budgets, labels, or campaign states.

I couldn't be more impressed with the power and flexibility of Search Ads 360’s rules and alerting functionality. Using a combination of different rules enables us to immediately identify performance anomalies at the most granular level, as they happen and to respond with specific actions.

Daniel Wilkinson, Global Head of Paid Media, Jellyfish

Efficiency gains across teams

Jellyfish combined these capabilities to provide notifications to teams across all of the agency’s accounts. Today, each Jellyfish client has an average of 184 rules associated with their account. The overall efficiency of the agency has improved by 26% since the rollout, with teams now spending 12% more time on innovation and optimization, and 10% less time monitoring campaign performance.

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