Jobs2Careers doubles conversions and increases workflow efficiency using Google Tag Manager
Case Study

Jobs2Careers doubles conversions and increases workflow efficiency using Google Tag Manager

Managing tags manually

Jobs2Careers is a job search engine that provides applicants with easy access to everything from small jobs to big careers. The brand uses a variety of innovative segmentation techniques and proprietary search algorithms to connect job seekers with potential employers through professional, part-time, and gig channels. To keep its business growing, Jobs2Careers uses search campaigns, which historically required a time-consuming tagging process by both marketing and engineering teams. The company wanted to find a better solution for tag management to streamline its efficiency and increase conversions.

As a technology company, it is very important for us to remain cutting-edge, especially in marketing and engineering. With Tag Manager, we are able to do exactly this. Marketing has found a new level of autonomy and sophistication with our campaigns, while engineering is able to focus on higher-level projects that will continue to propel us forward in our industry.

Jack Chang, Chief SEO Analyst, Jobs2Careers

Jobs2Careers is a rapidly expanding company focused on maintaining the type of growth that attracts millions of monthly job seekers to its site. As part of its digital strategy, the company was using Google Ads campaigns to attract the most relevant users to its site: 35- to 54-year-old job seekers.

When the company wanted to update campaigns with new creative content, it had to edit tags manually. This painstaking process required collaborative support from marketing and engineering. One team would often have to wait for the other to complete its part of the tag update, causing bottlenecks in its workflow.

Implementing universal tags for ease and speed

Jobs2Careers turned to Google Tag Manager as a solution to its tagging challenges. Free and easily integrated with existing tags, Tag Manager allowed the company to create one universal tag for a campaign, which everyone on the team could then access and update in a timely and efficient manner. Since Jobs2Careers was already using several Google products, including Google Ads, Tag Manager was easily integrated into the company’s existing campaigns.

Several of Tag Manager’s features helped improve the company’s search campaigns by allowing it to act fast and launch new tags at just the right time to increase ad relevance. Tag templates, for example, can be easily customized for specific campaign creatives. Also, Tag Manager’s event-driven approach allowed the team to set up rules for how different tags fired, depending on which channel (e.g. mobile, search, social) a job seeker used to land on the company’s website.

Jobs2Careers created custom JavaScript tags so it could accurately measure and edit creatives (e.g. add new images, keywords, or locations). With its Google Ads campaigns, the company was able to determine the specific geography of a site visitor as well as the keywords used to access the company’s website.

With Tag Manager, the brand now had a simple way to test various creative versions and ultimately select the highest performing campaign content. This allowed Jobs2Careers to reach its audiences with even more accuracy.

Increasing productivity and conversion rates

Using Tag Manager, Jobs2Careers increased the productivity of its teams. The marketing group was freed from its dependence on engineering, and both teams were able to focus on other tasks.

And with a more segmented approach to its search campaigns, Jobs2Careers also grew its conversions. In one specific lead-generation test, its rate almost doubled, from 5.6% to 10.3%.

Thanks to the successful initial rollout of Tag Manager, the company intends to continue using it across its Google Ads campaigns.