Econsultancy report: The customer experience is written in data

Econsultancy report: The customer experience is written in data

Cut through the clutter

Today’s meandering customer journeys take place over multiple channels and devices. Each interaction creates a stream of digital information, leaving marketers with increasing amounts of it. But, with information seemingly everywhere, why are so many marketers still feeling like there’s not nearly enough to act on?

Leaders have a strategy that enables teams to act with insights

In this research report from June 2017, Econsultancy surveyed more than 700 marketing and analytics executives at consumer brands to better understand how digital information factors into marketing strategy — and daily decision making.

Two-thirds of marketing leaders — those who outperformed their top business goals —  say they currently have a documented data and analytics strategy.

In this report, you’ll also learn how leaders have built insights-driven cultures. These marketers are more likely to use digital analytics to optimize user experiences in real time, working with audience-level information to personalize customer experiences, and bring in attribution to allocate budget and evaluate how channels work together.

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