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Sky TV Italia uses Display & Video 360 together with Campaign Manager 360 to boost video performance

For two decades, Sky TV Italia has been delivering high-quality entertainment, sports, movies, and subscription-based channels to Italian viewers. With over five million subscribers and 2.7 million connected households, it commands a sizable share of the Italian viewing audience.

Thanks in part to its leadership in sports programming, Sky TV has always had a strong following among millennials. In 2023, the company decided to focus on broadening its appeal to the next generation of viewers. The objective of its first-quarter campaign was to use a video format that drove conversions for Gen Z. To attract this audience, Sky TV purchased ad inventory on YouTube, Meta, and TikTok in hopes of increasing conversions at a lower cost.

The Campaign Manager 360 advantage: unify video campaign management

Sky TV, guided by their agency Wavemaker Global, implemented Campaign Manager 360 for video and CTV ad measurement, centralizing their campaign management, tracking, and optimization efforts.To begin, Sky TV created Floodlight tags to gain insight into the actions of people who saw the ads, including those who clicked through to their website.

“Video's effectiveness extends beyond awareness campaigns, excelling in middle funnel campaigns when optimized correctly.”

Marcello Comi, Digital Director, Wavemaker

This unified approach provided a holistic view of campaign performance across all touchpoints. By consolidating data from disparate sources, Campaign Manager 360 helped Sky TV make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights, ensuring that their video campaign delivered optimal results.

Empowering Display & Video 360 with Campaign Manager 360’s cross-channel insights

With data from Campaign Manager 360, Sky TV harnessed the power of Display & Video 360’s AI capabilities to optimize its YouTube campaign.

Since Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 use the same Floodlight tags, Sky TV used Floodlight optimization for YouTube. This helped Sky TV measure and optimize their YouTube campaigns based on insights from conversions coming from the entire media mix – including Meta and TikTok.

“Combining data from Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 empowers our AI-powered programmatic buying to make smarter decisions for better results.”

Marcello Comi, Digital Director, Wavemaker

The sky’s the limit

The ability to optimize ad buys using data across multiple media campaigns paid big dividends. Website traffic from YouTube ads performed significantly better than what Sky TV had anticipated, doubling the expected results at a much lower cost. Conversions increased by 165% over Sky's 2022 campaign while the cost per conversion dropped by more than half.

Building on the success of Floodlight optimization, Sky strategically shifted its media buying strategy, consolidating all programmatic media buys onto Display & Video 360. This move will expand the reach of Floodlight optimization and enable Sky to harness the benefits of Floodlight optimization for all its media campaigns.

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