The bells and whistles.

Search Ads 360 has the features you need to delivers faster insights, improved collaboration, and better results.

The bells and whistles.

The brass tacks.

Search Ads 360 has what you need to run smarter search campaigns that integrate with the rest of your digital efforts.

  • Unified Insights and Reporting

    Bring your data together in one place. Get smarter, more complete insights to drive better decision-making and reporting. In addition, enable detailed reporting, measurement, and attribution across additional search engines including:

    • QiHoo360
    • Naver
    • AdMarketplace
    • Yandex
  • Unified Tag Management

    Capture cross-channel opportunities and insights with unified tag management using Floodlight.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Bring your data together with seamless integrations, including call tracking and the ability to upload offline conversions.

  • Automated Campaign Management

    Business data uses information about your business to provide reporting insights and automate campaign management.

Smart Bidding

Powered by Google’s machine learning technology, Search Ads 360 simplifies the bidding process and helps you tap into more sophisticated insights.

  • Real-time Insights

    Make your search campaigns smarter and more responsive with real-time data, analysis and bid adjustments powered by Google’s machine learning and optimization.

  • Portfolio-Level Bidding

    Portfolio-level bidding auto-optimizes to hit your goals.

  • Bid Visualization

    Chart bids to see bidding frequency and visualize trends.

Mobile Measurement and Optimization

Optimize your search campaigns for mobile, so you can reach your audience anywhere, anytime.

  • Device Measurement

    Measure conversions that start with a click on one device and end with a conversion on another.

  • Mobile Optimization

    Optimize using a robust set of audience signals and mobile-specific capabilities like mobile bid automation and geo bid adjustments.

  • Google Ads Support

    Promote your app across Google Search with support for Google Ads app install ads.

Commerce Solutions

Get more flexibility and support for your search campaigns with this set of features.

  • Easy Automation

    Automate your search ads, keywords and bids on the fly with inventory-aware campaigns, seamlessly linked with Google Merchant Center.

  • Built-In Optimization

    Adaptive Shopping Campaigns auto-optimize for peak performance.

  • Local Ads Support

    Google Ads Local Inventory Ads are fully supported.

Audience Insights and Activation

Tailor your audience targeting and activation for better results with Search Ads 360.

  • Retargeting Support

    Tailor your ads to your audience with full support for Google Ads RLSA campaigns. Use audience signals to refine your bidding strategy.

  • Custom Variables

    Bid smarter by defining custom Floodlight variables based on user segments, such as location and participation in a rewards program.

  • Smarter Display Remarketing

    Re-engage the right customers using display remarketing from search ads with search intent signals.


Key integrations allow you to use all of your customer insights to deliver the right search ad to the right customer.

  • Analytics

    Bring your Google Analytics site goals into Search Ads 360 to report and optimize onsite engagement.

    Enjoy even more features with Analytics 360:

    • See Floodlight Conversions alongside Analytics 360 metrics such as "Bounce Rate" or "Page Views"
    • Create bid strategies that use Analytics 360 goals or transactions, and create rules that uses Analytics 360 metrics.
    • Use non-last click attribution models based on Analytics 360 activity columns
  • Tag Manager

    Easily manage multiple types of tags from sources such as Analytics, Floodlight, and more.

  • Display & Video 360

    Instantly launch and monitor Search Ads 360 advertisers and campaigns, across engines, by linking with Campaign Manager 360.

  • Google Big Query

    Export Search Ads 360 data with the power of BigQuery to securely share insights within your organization and beyond.

  • Data Studio

    You can now view your Search Ads 360 metrics with a new easy-to-digest Data Studio template.

  • Google Merchant Center

    With seamless integration, you can access upgraded inventory management feeds. So anyone on your team can act on live updates, as they happen.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Work seamlessly with third-party solutions, including Adobe Analytics (Omniture) for reporting and bid optimization.

  • Full Engine Support

    Create, manage, and report on campaigns for the following search engines:

    • Google Ads
    • Bing
    • Yahoo! Japan
    • Yahoo! Gemini
    • Baidu
  • Social Measurement

    Measure and take action on paid social data in an easy, automated way.