The bells and whistles.

Display & Video 360 has the features you need to deliver faster insights, improved collaboration, and better results.

The bells and whistles.

Campaign Management

Build and execute a cross-channel media plan in a single tool.

  • Media Planning

    Display & Video 360 includes a workspace to build a comprehensive media plan. You can explore inventory and publishers across guaranteed and non-guaranteed buying types.

  • Reach Forecasting

    Plan your campaigns based on predicted reach and frequency for your audience and budget. With a common metric between television and digital video, you can easily compare channel performance.

  • Automated Bidding

    Reach your goals without having to optimize your campaign manually. Fueled by powerful machine learning algorithms, each automated bidding strategy is designed to drive performance at scale.

  • Enterprise Data Solutions

    If you’re managing thousands of campaigns, you need enterprise-level tools that can scale. Easily make changes across multiple campaigns, combine data from across campaigns, and run advanced analyses.

Data-Driven Creative

Easily tie your creative strategy to your data and media plans. Smart tools and workflow integrations make it easy to use data to inform your creative and tailor that creative based on audience.

  • Creative Workspace

    Your teams can build creative tied directly to the media plan and evaluate creative performance across campaigns — all in a single, shared workspace.

  • Creative User Role

    Brand and media teams can share relevant, non sensitive data and information with creative agencies so they can build more appropriate and tailored creative experiences alongside the media plan.

  • Ad Canvas

    A visual workflow for dynamic ad creation, upload custom formats, and preview your designs in real time.

  • Format Gallery

    Discover new engaging display and video formats on the Ad Format Gallery.

  • Storytelling & Sequential Messaging

    Move people through the purchase funnel by thoughtfully sequencing creative messages. Measure clicks and conversions across your story to understand how it’s performing and optimize the sequence to deliver the best results.

  • Google Web Designer Integrations

    Developers can use custom templates and interactive animations from Google Web Designer to build dynamic, responsive ads and custom formats that scale across environments.

Advanced Audience Management

Manage your audiences in the same product where you execute media buys. Apply existing audience lists to your media plan, discover and create new audience segments, and reach the right people across screens by tapping into Google’s unique understanding of intent.

  • Audience Discovery and Management

    Create audiences from campaign data — including impressions, clicks, or conversions — or combine audience lists from different sources. You can easily analyze and report on your audiences directly from the Audience module.

  • Your Audiences

    Build audience segments from your customer data — however you prefer -- using Analytics 360, Google Cloud or Display & Video 360.

  • Google Audiences

    Find the customers you’re looking for with access to Google Audiences. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness or drive conversions, we can help you reach your audience at scale.

Premium Inventory

Easily find and discover high-quality inventory from top broadcasters and publishers, Google media, and curated inventory packs. Negotiate deals directly — even for traditional TV — and execute buys quickly and efficiently.

  • Fraud Prevention & Detection

    We detect and filter fraudulent impressions and allow advertisers to choose inventory where they can get a refund for impressions determined to be fraudulent.

  • Advanced TV

    Enjoy access to high-quality TV inventory via over-the-top video streams and traditional linear TV.

  • Access to Google Preferred, YouTube Reserve and TrueView inventory

    Get true consolidation and unified reporting across YouTube and other media buys. Access all TrueView formats and YouTube Reserve inventory (including Google Preferred) alongside your cross-exchange deal types in a single buying tool. Use common currencies such as viewability, verification, and brand lift to unlock insights across your campaigns.

  • Google Top Video Picks

    Access premium, brand-safe TV and video inventory at scale, including mobile video. It’s easier than ever to find the right audiences and reach them with your campaigns.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed

    Automate the direct sales deal-booking process and apply real-time audience data to your reservation buys. You can also manage reach and frequency together across all of your direct and open auction buys.

  • Marketplace

    Use Marketplace to discover great inventory, negotiate deals directly, and manage all of your deals in one place within an easy-to-use interface. It’s a shoppable storefront for your programmatic campaigns.

Holistic Measurement

Get all the campaign metrics you need, in one place. We know viewability and verification are essential for measuring your campaigns, so we offer them as part of our standard solution.

  • Fraud Prevention and Reporting

    We use over 180 sophisticated filters, a global team of experts, and manual reviews to prevent you from paying for invalid clicks, impressions, views, or interactions. We were the first to implement the ads.txt standard and remain committed to other industry initiatives against fraud.

  • Viewability and Verification

    Active View metrics are fully transparent and are based on the direct measurement of each impression without sampling or extrapolating. Measure in real time, on an impression-by-impression basis, whether or not an ad was viewable to a user.

  • Reach and Frequency Measurement

    Measure the number of unique users and average impressions-per-user you get from video and display ads. Metrics are de-duplicated across devices, campaigns, inventory and formats so you know how many people you reached and how often you reached them.

  • TV Ad Explorer

    Explore metrics from your recent TV campaigns in one easy-to-use dashboard. You can measure your campaigns by airing, daypart, demographics, and genres. The “recent airings tab” can provide data as soon as one day after airing.

  • Third-Party Measurement Provider Integrations

    Display & Video 360 has integrations with leading measurement partners to help you assess and understand marketing performance, covering areas such as viewability, brand safety, audience measurement and more.


Display & Video 360 natively integrates with other solutions, allowing you to connect data and workflows across products — increasing efficiency and delivering better results.

  • Analytics 360

    Reach the specific audiences you care about with greater precision. You can also view the performance of your Display & Video 360 campaigns in Analytics 360 for a more complete view of results.

  • YouTube

    Google Preferred, YouTube Reserve and TrueView inventory are all available for you to buy in Display & Video 360.

  • Google Cloud

    Bring your Display & Video 360 data together with other data sources and unlock insights using BigQuery’s powerful tools.

  • Partner exchanges

    Bid on or exclude impressions from dozens of third-party exchanges.