Adidas uses Display & Video 360’s connected TV solutions to show the world it is “Ready for Change”
Case Study

Adidas uses Display & Video 360’s connected TV solutions to show the world it is “Ready for Change”

Adidas, one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, aimed to build on its core belief that sport has the power to change lives and bring diverse people together.

With limited time and marketing budgets, the Adidas team chose to expand on their "Ready For Sport" brand platform and launch their “Ready for Change” campaign. In just a few days, Adidas’ media agency, MediaCom, had to pick the most efficient advertising channels and technology to reach Adidas’ audience in a unique and meaningful way.

Google Marketing Platform

Shifting to connected TV

With the interruption of live television programming, people have spent a remarkable amount of time watching connected TV content at home in the last few months. So, in order to connect with athletes and sports fans as they were enjoying on-demand content, Adidas used Display & Video 360 to secure premium connected TV deals and engage with over 24 million viewers across Hulu, ESPN and Roku.

Harnessing Programmatic Technology

To respond to their audience in the most timely manner, Adidas’ marketing team was quick to launch their new film reiterating their corporate values. In order to rapidly amplify this new message, MediaCom chose to harness programmatic technology to ensure high-speed advertising execution.

By using Display & Video 360, they fast tracked the process of negotiating Programmatic Guaranteed deals with major publishers and setting up the campaign. They also cut down administrative complexity thanks to Display & Video' 360's unified billing.

“Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure we have the right messaging at the right time. Relying on Display & Video 360’s programmatic technology to secure CTV ads allowed us to rapidly adjust our ad strategy and stay in tune with our audience.”

Kat Miller, Director, Brand Media, Adidas

Centralized Media Buying

Consolidating their connected TV guaranteed deals into Display & Video 360 allowed Adidas to manage frequency across all channels and limit media waste. Based on their frequency management goal, Display & Video 360 only bid on the 37.5% most relevant impressions for Adidas. Thanks to this technology, Adidas maximized the number of viewers they reached while respecting their budget.

“Our consolidated buy in DV360 automatically reinvested our holistic frequency management savings and drove incremental unique reach for Adidas.”

Benny Guan, Director, Programmatic Mediacom

This consolidated approach also allowed Adidas to avoid a common connected TV advertising pitfall – repeatedly reaching the same viewers with the same ad.

Looking Ahead

Building on this experience, to support their ZX campaign, Adidas is now utilising Programmatic Guaranteed to test another channel in high-demand – audio. Frequency management in Display & Video 360 has also continued to help Adidas reinvest cost savings into additional working media.

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