Essence Develops New Measurement Solutions for Customers with Ads Data Hub
Case Study

Essence Develops New Measurement Solutions for Customers with Ads Data Hub

Understanding the business impact of marketing is more important than ever, and becoming more difficult as the industry changes its practices around how data is collected and used. Essence, a global data and measurement-driven media agency, wanted to provide insightful, effective business information to customers in a more privacy-forward way. So Essence used Ads Data Hub to build an entire suite of privacy-centric advanced measurement services for customers across nearly every vertical including wellness, tech and entertainment. Watch the video to learn more about how Essence used more privacy-forward strategies and evolved their practices to deliver better results for clients.

Video Transcription

Tiphaine Tarhan, SVP, Head of Analytics, North America: Essence is a global media agency that blends data science, the power of technology, and objective media.

Tarhan: Transparency is really important to Essence. With new privacy laws and significant technology changes in our industry, a lot of the solutions we've developed over many years essentially became obsolete overnight. We have been looking at alternative options that allow us to provide the same type of measurement solutions in a more privacy-centric fashion.

Ryan Dwyer, Director, Product Analytics: Ads Data Hub is a privacy-centric data onboarding platform that allows us to bring our data into the Google ecosystem.

Dwyer: With Ads Data Hub, user information is secure in the cloud. It's only available for analysis and we only have access to create groups of users to protect user specific information. All this information is used to drive media decisions and at the same time protect customer privacy.

Dwyer: Data enrichment is another great opportunity for Ads Data Hub. We can query and enrich our client’s first-party data and also activate it on Google platforms.

Dwyer: We're using Ads Data Hub for customized analysis across nearly every vertical here at Essence ranging from wellness, to tech, to entertainment.

Dwyer: In the UK we work with a company called EE, one of the largest telecom providers. We were able to join their first-party customer data into Ads Data Hub to understand which customers have a higher propensity to purchase a phone plan with EE. This analysis was done without access to personal data. These insights helped achieve a 57% increase in return on ad spend.

Tarhan: Ads Data Hub has become pivotal to a lot of the new analytic solutions that are now being developed at Essence. We're now entering a new era and our partnership with Google is a critical component of that.

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