With Google Tag Manager 360, GoPro discovers freedom and adventure in marketing
Case Study

With Google Tag Manager 360, GoPro discovers freedom and adventure in marketing

Forging a new path

Adventure-seekers all over the world capture and share the most thrilling moments of their lives with GoPro. The brand has quickly grown to become the world’s leader in wearable and gear-mountable cameras and digital devices.

With the growing popularity of GoPro products and subsequent complexity of their digital marketing activities, GoPro found itself with dozens of tags measuring countless engagement activities on all of its its web properties.

With so many tags added to GoPro’s code base over time, managing versions, deployments, and changes had become a burden. As the company grew, it was critical that it found a way to manage tags that scaled as its marketing strategy evolved.

Tag Manager 360 centralizes our tags into a single location that gives our marketing and analytics teams the flexibility to make updates within minutes without burdening IT.

Lee Topar, Director of Online Marketing, GoPro

The agency Analytics Pros, a Google Marketing Platform Partner, introduced GoPro to Google Tag Manager 360, part of the Google Marketing Platform. Tag Manager 360 organizes marketing and analytics tags and reduces the burden on IT.

In order to lead a comprehensive migration of GoPro’s tags, the team at Analytics Pros deployed Tag Manager 360 to GoPro’s multiple technology platforms in a matter of days, immediately giving the company greater control over a wide range of website tags in one integrated tool. Stakeholders were delighted to access the full range of tags through a dynamic tool that provided the flexibility to define and manage tags on the fly.

We were thrilled to migrate GoPro to Tag Manager 360 and bring a new level of agility and digital insight to their marketing efforts. In the fast-paced world of digital analytics and sophisticated marketing programs, Tag Manager 360 is a serious game changer that provides the kind of competitive edge our clients need.

Caleb Whitmore, Founder and CEO, Analytics Pros

Be a tagging hero

With Tag Manager 360, GoPro gives its digital marketing and agency teams the controls they need to manage tagging and measure digital performance at the scale and pace necessary to succeed. As a result, GoPro gets responsive performance analysis that keeps up with nimble digital initiatives.

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