Mondelēz International improves cross-functional collaboration with Campaign Manager 360
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Mondelēz International improves cross-functional collaboration with Campaign Manager 360

Better insights from data

Mondelēz International offers some of the world’s favorite snacks including its largest brand, OREO. Mondelēz’s ultimate goal is to drive revenue, which is why it is important for them to continue to grow the OREO brand.

They aim to create customer-centric experiences. But Mondelēz also knows that it takes a lot of resources to analyze data, get insights and to develop relevant creative for each audience segment. This is especially true for a brand like OREO, which has a really broad audience. They are also at a nascent stage with their first party data, so it's hard for them to use their data at scale.

One of the ways that Mondelēz International has maximized insights from the data they do have is by organizing their paid media campaign data. Mondelēz International uses Campaign Manager 360 to manage cross-channel media campaigns across their portfolio of brands. They also use Campaign Manager 360 to house all of their display and video creative, which gives them a holistic view of their ad spend and creative performance in one place.

“Campaign Manager 360 allows our creative and media teams to be more efficient because they can easily build creatives through Studio and then run media across YouTube and Display & Video 360. There is also minimal data loss because everything is integrated under one platform”

Jennifer Mennes, Director of Global Media Strategy & Americas Operations, Mondelēz International

They worked with their partner MightyHive to create a consistent taxonomy for tracking all their digital campaigns. This makes it easier for them to analyze performance across campaigns and regions to enable faster media and creative optimizations. For example, standardized campaign, asset, and placement naming, makes it easier for the Mondelēz International team to quickly pull reports and  see how a creative, audience, or media placement performed across all their media buys.  “Campaign Manager 360 is the backbone of our data spine and the system of record across all of our media. We have been able to better connect paid media performance to offline data sources using integrations with other Google products. This has allowed us to create one of the best taxonomies in the industry and to unlock the value of our data.” says Jennifer.

Integrated technology and strategic partnerships

To better understand OREO customers in the US, Mondelēz and their agency VaynerMedia turned to Google to understand category dynamics for snacking, search behaviors and other interest and intent signals. Google helped conduct a study which provided insights on how audiences searched for snacks throughout the day. For example, people searched more often for indulgent snacks like cookies as the day progressed. VaynerMedia also used Google insights to identify different audiences based on life stages like parents, empty nesters, and college students.

These insights were shared with Mondelēz International’s creative partners The Martin Agency (TMA) who developed different ad variations for each of the key audiences based on the time of day. This approach allowed them to create personalized customer-centric experiences at scale. Young parents who were reminded to pack the cookies when they packed the stroller for their morning walk and college students who were studying were motivated with the idea of a cookie at the end of their next chapter.

Google Marketing Platform

The campaign launched in March 2020 and many brands had to pull their creative off air in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Mondelēz International was able to quickly pivot their strategy and messaging for the “Eye on the Clock” campaign because they used Campaign Manager 360 to manage all of their media buys and creative. This allowed them to use Campaign Manager 360’s integrations with other Google Marketing Platform products to efficiently update creative in response to rapidly changing consumer behaviors and a dynamic market.

“I love the fact that these banners are able to update in real time, it just makes any adaptations easier if you need to make them and we did in light of the coronavirus. We were able to create and deploy creatives easily by using the synergies across Campaign Manager, Studio, and Display & Video 360. These integrations enabled us to be more efficient, using all these products together on the US OREO campaign helped also decrease production time by 25%.”

Darius Watkins, Account Coordinator, The Martin Agency

Gain efficiencies and agility through Google Marketing Platform

By using automated and integrated technology and strategic partnerships for the US OREO campaign, Mondelēz International has been able to aggregate all of their data across their portfolio of brands. They now also have the infrastructure in place to more effectively create personalized creative for other brands.

This approach also helped them deliver 250+ creative variations and led to an increase in traffic to their eCommerce channel. Mondelēz has used dynamic creative optimization using Google Marketing Platform for three US OREO campaigns with more brands to follow.

"DCO has historically been focused on heavily conversion based campaigns, because brands usually just test different calls to actions, the US OREO Clocks campaign was a perfect example of how creative, media, data and tech scaled a highly nuanced, insights driven campaign that drove brand awareness while also beating brand benchmarks."

Tzeitel Haviland, SVP, VaynerMedia

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