Measuring marketing insights with the Harvard Business Review
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Measuring marketing insights with the Harvard Business Review

Turning information into action

Marketers strive to make meaningful connections with people in the moments that matter. To do that, enterprise marketing teams have turned to digital information to guide their strategy.

But more information doesn’t always lead to better marketing performance. The challenge is making sense of everything that’s available. So, how do marketers gain actionable insights?

Best practices from start to finish

The Harvard Business Review looked at how leading companies can turn insights into marketing that drives performance. They found that leading practitioners focus on seeing, sorting, sharing, and sparking ways to get real value from digital information.

In this collection of articles, you’ll learn what visibility across channels looks like in a mobile-first world. Integrating and sorting digital information in near-real time also makes a difference. The review helps you learn who needs to share, understand, and learn from insights-driven marketing, and how experimentation can lead to “aha” moments.

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