Google Analytics 360 informs BT’s Display & Video 360 media buys
Case Study

Google Analytics 360 informs BT’s Display & Video 360 media buys

BT increases sales volume and efficiency

To buy display media efficiently across exchanges in real time, BT and agency partner Maxus used Google Display & Video 360 as a programmatic buying platform. Integration between Display & Video 360 and Google Analytics 360, both part of Google Marketing Platform, offered BT a unique opportunity to capitalize on insights that would inform media buying activities.

Segmenting audiences with Analytics 360 and reaching them through Display & Video 360 gave Maxus and BT end-to-end control of their advertising, as well as visibility into how it performed. A transparent and unified view across all channels translated to better measurement, unified reporting, de-duplicated metrics, and the ability to make insights-driven improvements.

Segmenting for success

Analytics 360 gave BT the ability to create granular audience segments based on how customers interact with its site. The native integration with Display & Video 360 meant these segments could be easily implemented to make more precise media buys.

“Working with Display & Video 360 has allowed us to use some impressive features such as the ability to create and reach custom audiences made with first-party data from Analytics 360,” says Dan Webster, BT account director at Maxus.

“These types of integrations have given us a real edge in the programmatic arena, and the subsequent efficiencies have allowed the team at Maxus to turn this activity into a powerful performance channel for our client.”

Dan Webster, BT Account Director, Maxus

Sales go up as costs go down

The results proved that BT and Maxus’s new integration between Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360 was a success. The company found a 69% increase in post-click sales and an 87% reduction in post-click cost-per-acquisition as compared with the previous year’s remarketing activities.

Results also compared favorably with other remarketing activities that were running at the same time. Campaigns run with Display & Video 360 showed 30% higher post-click sales and 42% lower post-click cost-per-acquisition than those run without it.

“Our goals were to build up ‘best practices’ of programmatic display remarketing techniques with a focus on driving post-click sales, benchmarking ourselves against previously used techniques,” says Alison Thorburn, head of digital DR media at BT.

These positive results will see BT continue to expand programmatic media buying for direct response.

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