Google Marketing Platform increases Domino’s monthly revenue by 6%
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Google Marketing Platform increases Domino’s monthly revenue by 6%

Sales expansion year over year

Pizza purveyor Domino’s is dominating delivery sales around the world. Today, Domino’s is the most popular pizza delivery chain operating in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland — and sales just keep growing.

In these regions in 2014, Domino’s sold 76 million pizzas and generated £766.6 million (1.02 billion USD) in revenue — a 14.6% increase from the previous year.

In the U.K. and Ireland, online sales are increasing 30% year over year and currently account for almost 70% of all sales. Notably, 44% of those online sales are now made via mobile devices.

Multi-device purchasing means fresh opportunities

Domino’s is a consistent digital innovator. Much of the company’s success stems from early investments in ecommerce and mobile commerce platforms that help people easily purchase pizzas from different devices.

Domino’s sold its first pizza online in 1999. It then launched an iPhone app in 2010, quickly followed by apps for Android and iPad in 2011, and a Windows app in 2012. By late 2014, Domino’s customers could even order pizzas from Xboxes.

The Domino’s marketing team had assembled a variety of tools to measure marketing performance, keeping pace with the company’s rapid innovations. Unfortunately, measuring siloed analytics and channel-focused tools restricted the team’s ability to fully understand all of the different paths to purchase.

The Domino’s team knew that valuable insights were waiting just out of reach. To drive success, the team needed to break down silos, connect information assets, and gain efficient reporting for a more holistic and actionable view of customer behavior.

“Analytics 360 combined with Tag Manager 360 and BigQuery has become an integral solution that gives us the technical agility and the analytics power we need to advance our marketing strategies. DBi has been fundamental in developing our digital strategy with Analytics 360.”

Nick Dutch, Head of Digital, Domino's

Holistic tag management increases agility

In partnership with DBi, a Google Marketing Platform Partner, Domino’s used Google Analytics 360 to turn its goal of unified marketing measurement, holistic insights, and efficient actionability into a reality.

DBi used the platform’s data layer, which remains consistent when the page content is updated and provides reliable sources of information for Google Tag Manager 360 to pull from. DBi deployed Tag Manager 360 across the Domino’s apps and websites, setting customized tags for all of the company’s ecommerce and reporting needs. Despite a large number of unique containers, the consistency of Analytics 360 makes it easy to duplicate tags and rules — a significant time-saver for Domino’s.

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