Eurobank boosts mobile app adoption with Google Marketing Platform
Case Study

Eurobank boosts mobile app adoption with Google Marketing Platform

A leader in banking

The Eurobank Group is a dynamic banking organization active in seven countries. Established in 1990, it continues to grow by focusing on the diverse needs of its customers.

Eurobank believed it needed to have a complete view of its digital presence across all of its properties in order to make data-driven decisions and improve its customer experience. To realize this goal, Eurobank teamed up with Growth Digital, a Google Analytics authorized reseller, to set up Google Analytics 360 and create a single source of measurement and insights across all digital efforts.

Bringing e-banking to mobile

As time spent on mobile devices increases every day, customers demand greater flexibility and power in managing their finances. In order to address this, Eurobank introduced its e-banking mobile application, enabling customers to tend to almost any transactional or operational need through their fingertips.

To encourage adoption, Eurobank focuses on optimizing their e-banking app microsite through website testing. Growth Digital’s development team took advantage of the seamless integration between Analytics 360 and Google Optimize 360, enabling testing efforts to be completely aligned with website goals. And since reporting is always consistent between the platforms, this approach delivers a single source of truth about experiment data.

Performance-focused design

With the aim of driving an uplift in mobile app installs, the Growth Digital development team used the findings of user experience research to design a new variation specifically for mobile devices. To verify the hypothesis that visitors would be more likely to convert with the new layout, they ran an A/B test on Optimize 360 pitting the new version against the original.

“If you want to run A/B tests on mobile devices, the WYSIWYG editor of Optimize 360 can speed up the quality assurance process and ultimately give you the confidence to go live with drastic changes,” says Akis Zografos, Lead Analytics Engineer at Growth Digital. “The seamless integration of Optimize 360 makes deployment of A/B tests a fast and straightforward process for all involved teams, something really beneficial for testing within an enterprise organization such as a big bank.”

At Eurobank we work relentlessly to improve every aspect of the experience across the whole customer journey. Since customers have long ‘gone mobile,’ our priority is on using data to enhance our mobile offerings.

Elpidoforos Papanikolopoulos, Head of Digital Analytics & Performance, Eurobank

Outstanding outcomes

The results were exceptional. The new design delivered a conversion rate of 60% — a 10% increase over the original. This translates to 19.55% more app download clicks per month. With these substantial performance gains, Eurobank is moving towards a “test everything” culture. From experimenting with basic design guidelines to providing tailored experiences for its customers, decisions are now being made with a data-driven mindset.

“When working with enterprise organisations, you need the tools that can both give you the edge but also allow you to be confident in terms of security and data protection,” says Growth Digital CEO Gerasimos Nikolopoulos. “The Google Marketing Platform definitely meets these criteria for us.”

Going forward, Optimize 360 along with Analytics 360 will provide a solid foundation for Eurobank to continue improving the user experience and to discover the most meaningful optimizations for strengthening relationships with customers.

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