Guerlain triples ad engagement with Immersive Display formats
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Guerlain triples ad engagement with immersive display formats

Founded in Paris in 1828 as a small, family-owned perfume house, Guerlain has been part of the multinational LVMH group since 1994. Though the company has since expanded to include makeup and skincare, all of Guerlain’s creations, including its original fragrances, are inspired by emotions and the stories behind them.

"At Guerlain, creativity and emotion are at the heart of everything we do,” said Jean-Denis Mariani, the company’s Chief Digital Officer. “Our products, our communications, and the way we present ourselves to the world should reflect this principle.”

The French company was looking for a new, unique way to express the emotional spirit of its Aqua Allegoria perfume collection. For its campaign, Guerlain turned to Swirl, a 3D immersive display format available through Google Web Designer and Display & Video 360.

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Deepening customer interactions

A digital banner displayed the perfume in Guerlain’s iconic Bee Bottle, where potential customers could explore the image from every angle, zooming in and out, and recreating the experience and sensations of discovering a product in person.

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Capturing a product’s essence

Along with bringing the shape and texture of its brand to life, Guerlain used the 3D-Swirl format to highlight each scent in the “Bergamote Calabria.” Through an interactive and engaging display unit, customers could discover the story behind the key ingredients, deepening their connection to the perfume.

This award-winning campaign1, developed in partnership with Mediamonks, became the first example of a 3D display ad on Display & Video 360 to express product attributes beyond just the physical.

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Engaged senses, engaged customers

Guerlain’s latest campaign delivered exceptional results. Compared to other rich media formats2, the 3D-Swirl display showed a 3x increase in engagement. The exposure time metrics — how long an ad stays visible on the screen — reached 15+ seconds, 34% higher than our internal benchmarks for rich media ads running on Display and Video 360. These impressive engagement metrics translated to a 17 point2 increase in customer purchase intent.

"The exceptional performance of this campaign in terms of engagement showed us that we made the right choice,” said Eve Uzan, Guerlain’s Global Head of Digital Media.

The increase in engagement also influenced actions further down the funnel. “The engagement then turned into purchase intent and online sales, demonstrating that the number of interactions and the dwell time are good indicators,” Uzan said, adding that the team will continue to use the immersive display in future campaigns.

"3D-Swirl has opened up new creative opportunities for us,” said Mariani. “We are able to tell a more vivid story around our products and to give our customers a new, effective way of discovering them.”

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1- The format was also the subject of numerous follow-up articles in specialist media publications (Techcrunch, MarketingLand, etc.).
2- Source: Kantar Brand Lift Survey from 07/24 to 08/15 in Spain

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