Mondelez India captures cricket moments with data-driven creative
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Mondelez India captures cricket moments with data-driven creative

Using cricket buzz to build brand awareness

The most effective way to capture consumers’ attention? Create messaging that speaks to their interests. In India, nearly everyone is obsessed with the Indian Premier League (IPL), a professional cricket league consisting of teams from different Indian cities and states that compete during April and May. Arguably the biggest sporting event in the country, the IPL tournament generates a huge amount of interest among cricket enthusiasts and consumers alike. It’s a perfect opportunity for brands looking to reach an engaged audience.

Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest snack companies, wanted to tap into the excitement around the IPL and build awareness for its brands, among them Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Bournvita, and Oreo. But Mondelez didn’t want to run a standard campaign aimed at cricket fans. It wanted to create engaging, relevant ads that would cut through the clutter and speak to consumers before, during, and after the games.

Reaching fans at game time with contextual creative

Launching a multi-brand campaign that would reach consumers during live cricket matches was no easy task. Mondelez wanted to make sure it delivered the right message to the right audience at the right time, so the company turned to Display & Video 360, part of Google Marketing Platform, and Google Cloud Platform to develop data-driven display ads that were automatically triggered when the games began. Working with its media agency, Carat, Mondelez first explored existing ways to deploy ads. But ultimately the company decided to build a custom solution to ensure frictionless execution.

Using the daily match schedule as a guide, the team selected 104 cricket moments — from catches to scoring plays to innings changes — across 13 IPL match events and eight teams. Specific cricket moments and team combinations were owned by different brands, and messaging was updated in real time using Cricbuzz’s live score API feed. The dynamic ads were built in Google Web Designer and pushed to Campaign Manager with the help of Google Data Studio. Google Cloud Platform was used to automatically trigger the campaign flights in Display & Video 360, which was used to serve ads to users across multiple ad exchanges.

Google Marketing Platform

For example, when a catch or score was recorded on the live feed, users were served Bournvita ads that said, "What a crunchy catch,” or Cadbury Dairy Milk ads that said, “A sweet bite for a sweet score.”

Data-driven campaign saves time, boosts engagement

The campaign was India’s first multi-brand dynamic creative execution. Driving more than just engagement metrics, the automated process saved Mondelez more than 50 hours of campaign setup time. Over the course of a week, the campaign reached more than 42 million unique users, resulting in more than 2 million clicks with a click-through rate that was 3X the industry average. In the end, the contextual ads garnered more than 246 million impressions.

“At Mondelez, the consumer is at the center of all initiatives, and we have evidence to prove that contextually branded messages are better received by the consumer. Taking our objective of personalizing messaging at scale, we partnered with Google on this project. It has delivered well for both business and brand equity,” concluded Anjali Krishnan, media head at Mondelez.

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