Mumzworld reaches a 300% return on ad spend with Google Analytics
Case Study

Mumzworld reaches a 300% return on ad spend with Google Analytics


Using digital insights for ad spend

From rattles to diapers to playhouses, Mumzworld sells everything for babies to hundreds of thousands of online shoppers each year. The company advertises on many platforms and works hard to engage consumers with the best possible product catalog.

For Mumzworld, the challenge was spending those advertising dollars wisely, with full insight into return on investment (ROI), while also improving product availability. The company had ample retail data, but needed to make more sense of it. For help, Mumzworld turned to InfoTrust, a Google Marketing Platform Partner that specializes in ecommerce integration.

Enhanced Ecommerce for powerful insights

The Mumzworld and InfoTrust teams started by implementing the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce feature. Custom data for products and channels helped show results beyond simply what was driving the most profit. For example, Mumzworld set a custom metric for out-of-stock products seen by users. By comparing the volume of these views to other behaviors, like add-to-cart actions, the Mumzworld inventory team can make quick decisions on what to restock. This helps make sure that top brands are always available to consumers.

Enhanced Ecommerce allowed Mumzworld to see shopping behaviors that impact sales, like which homepage banners drive more user engagement and a higher average order value based on promotion tracking reports. For example, one successful offer was a free shipping initiative for lightweight products that launched across local markets.

Then, InfoTrust and Mumzworld took it a step further, segmenting by country and learning where and why certain shoppers were dropping out of the sales funnel. They could also see that the free shipping markets with small and lightweight products were sold more often than larger markets where heavier products were the norm.

InfoTrust used to connect other non-Google systems, which made it easy to upload cost insights from various channels into Analytics. Suddenly the team could see metrics like return per click (RPC) and return on ad spend (ROAS) for all its platforms.

With more insights from Enhanced Ecommerce and channel cost integration, InfoTrust built custom dashboards and reports to show Mumzworld’s top-performing channels by profit — not just revenue. ROAS-based optimization for campaigns and keywords helped the company maximize its margins.

InfoTrust cleaned up our Analytics account and helped us better capture key data in dashboards, so we could dissect the information that helps us make our business better. It showed us key KPIs to watch for and created automated reports so we could measure and react to these KPIs.

Mona Ataya, CEO and Founder, Mumzworld FZ-LLC

A deeper look at inventory

Mumzworld then invested more heavily in remarketing, particularly for search ads. These campaigns used Enhanced Ecommerce segments to reach users who had engaged with various sections and products on the Mumzworld site, but hadn’t made purchases.

While campaigns and off-site marketing activity were being optimized for ROAS and profit, the Mumzworld marketing team created a custom metric for stock on hand. This let them monitor products that had run out due to sales spikes. The team could then adjust ad campaigns to avoid wasting time and budgets on those out-of-stock products.

Higher conversion rates, lower restock time

With help from InfoTrust and Enhanced Ecommerce, Mumzworld is selling more, and doing it with higher profit margins.

The retailer’s ecommerce conversion rate rose by 11% as customers found products that were more relevant and available. Marketing spend improved with the new remarketing channels and campaigns, and revenue there rose 128% in the first three months. In fact, all of Mumzworld’s top marketing channels reached and maintained a minimum of 300% ROAS.

Mumzworld has now embraced new insights in all kinds of marketing decisions — from site design to product placement to inventory. The entire organization now uses Analytics to improve its decision-making at all levels.

Finding the most profitable channels and campaigns is so much easier with Analytics features like Enhanced Ecommerce. Instead of spending hours aggregating digital information from multiple sources into a massive spreadsheet, we can now use that time on analysis and optimization. With the right products in stock, Mumzworld consumers are now more likely to keep shopping and will be more loyal in the future.

Amin Shawki, Regional Managing Director, MENA, InfoTrust