Google Analytics 360 boosts campaign and content marketing performance for TalkTalk
Case Study

Google Analytics 360 boosts campaign and content marketing performance for TalkTalk

Reaching more customers in every environment

TalkTalk is a leading provider of broadband, TV, and phone services in the UK. The company wanted to gain a better understanding of customers and reach them in every environment with more relevant campaign messages to win more sales.

With its agency m/SIX, TalkTalk worked to integrate Google Analytics 360 with TalkTalk’s own CRM system. Integrations between Analytics 360, Google Display & Video 360, and Google Ads offered an efficient way to act on customer insights and empower the brand’s remarketing activity in both display and video.

Understanding customer behavior

TalkTalk utilized the Analytics 360 custom dimensions feature, which allowed it to create and measure non-standard dimensions relevant to its business. With Analytics 360, TalkTalk had 200 custom dimensions to work with rather than the 20 available in standard Analytics. Examples of TalkTalk’s custom dimensions included the method of customer recruitment, a customer’s eligibility for certain products or offers, and existing customers’ current products.

Custom dimensions were coded to enable TalkTalk to get a better understanding of the depth of a customer’s existing relationship with the brand. The company then created audiences, shared from Analytics 360 to Display & Video 360 and Google Ads, in order to reach the right customers with the brand’s display and video advertising.

Results speak for themselves

To measure the strategy’s effectiveness, TalkTalk and m/SIX ran a test-versus-control remarketing campaign. The test campaign used audiences from Analytics 360 while the control used standard URL-based remarketing.

The test campaign demonstrated a 63% higher clickthrough rate than the control campaign based on a combination of landing pages and abandoned visits. The test also outperformed the control by 219% in conversion rate, while producing a 77% lower cost per acquisition. In fact, the test produced the highest clickthrough rate of all online advertising tactics employed during TalkTalk’s final reporting quarter.

Building on success with customer-specific creatives

Seeing this success, TalkTalk is now exploring opportunities to reach new customers by linking other first-party data with the informative insights that Analytics 360, Display & Video 360, and Google Ads can provide. The company has also decided to experiment with dynamic creatives to deliver even more personalised, relevant messages to consumers.

“We plan to get even more focused with our creative by utilising Analytics 360 custom dimensions to inform our dynamic creative for remarketing,” affirms online marketing manager Richard Bailey. “This will enable us to deliver customised ads that connect site visitors to the products they viewed, but also has built-in logic that pays off.”

It’s clear that a more rounded understanding of customers puts TalkTalk in a position to send the most relevant message at the right time. Going forward, the company will continue to build on the insights from Analytics 360, its CRM, and other systems. This will allow TalkTalk to grow its advanced remarketing strategy, as well as enhance its ability to increase customer lifetime value.

A move to content marketing

TalkTalk and m/SIX next set their sights on promoting new TV content packages via TrueView advertising on YouTube. In doing so, they wanted to segment new and existing customers based on previous interactions with the brand.

As a first step, m/SIX imported audiences from Analytics 360 into Google Ads. This made it easy to differentiate customers who already owned TalkTalk TV or other TalkTalk packages.

The team then served ads to non-TalkTalk customers who had visited certain pages on the TalkTalk website, using Analytics 360 and Google Display Network audiences, as well as in-market segments, utilizing relevant YouTube placements.

Conversations with prospects and customers

TalkTalk and m/SIX made great efforts to deliver the most relevant YouTube video to the right audience. For example, to reach non-TalkTalk customers, multiple Analytics 360 audiences were segmented based on previous interactions with the website, and each segment would receive unique messaging. In addition, Analytics 360 audiences were used to reach different parts of the existing broadband customer base.

Segmenting these audiences allowed m/SIX to differentiate TalkTalk TV customers by package and connection. YouTube videos shown to these customers included messaging about optional add-ons available with their existing TV packages. Differentiating customers in this way allowed the team to deliver the appropriate message to the correct audience. Each video ad was measured separately according to both impressions and clicks, which enabled a very granular analysis of performance. With these insights, TalkTalk and m/SIX adjusted budgets accordingly.

The Analytics 360 and Display and Video 360 integration coupled with CRM data has allowed us to utilise the rich Analytics 360 dataset for the first time in driving significant improvements in conversion rates and lower costs per acquisition.

Andrew Morris, Senior Analyst, TalkTalk

Results and next steps

Compared to TalkTalk’s previous URL-based remarketing campaigns, the new campaign using Analytics 360 produced exceptional results. New customer activity showed a 4% higher view rate and a 29% higher clickthrough rate. View volumes were significantly higher as well.

For existing customers, the clickthrough rate was 9% higher, cost per acquisition was 76% lower, and maximum average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) was 8% lower. Using Analytics 360, TalkTalk drove 91% more product sales and 294% more boost sales among existing customers — and accomplished that with 50% fewer impressions than previous URL-based remarketing activities.

Going forward, TalkTalk and m/SIX plan to advertise other products using this approach. They also intend to transfer creative learnings to new videos, as well as expand into new segmentation methods and formats.

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