UNICEF USA Expands Their Donor Network with help from Google Analytics 360 audiences
Case Study

UNICEF USA Expands Their Donor Network with help from Google Analytics 360 audiences

A brand committed to aid

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is dedicated to the wellness of children all over the world. 88.4% of every dollar donated to UNICEF goes directly to providing health care, immunizations, safe water, emergency relief, and more to children in over 190 countries. UNICEF USA, the national committee associated with the program, supports the group’s global efforts by facilitating fundraising, advocacy, and education within the United States.

UNICEF USA’s goal was to acquire new donors and increase retention of existing donors in their network. They realized that in order to be successful, they needed to improve their understanding of their many different donor audiences. This meant they had to integrate their disparate data sources and platforms.

“UNICEF USA business can be very segmented because of the many types of emergencies and topics that we’re reacting to, ranging from helping prevent childhood disease to providing emergency relief during times of crisis,” explains Tobes Kelly, UNICEF’s Director of Digital Revenue. “We wanted an integrated platform that could help us make sure we’re communicating the relevant message to people reacting to our various charitable efforts.”

They reached out to DELVE, a Google Marketing Platform Partner, to help them develop a marketing strategy that would accomplish this goal. DELVE put forward a strategy centered around using Display & Video 360 and Analytics 360, both part of Google Marketing Platform, to help UNICEF USA continuously reach the right donor candidates with the right messaging.

Finding their audience and refining their messaging

To achieve their goal of increasing donor revenue, UNICEF USA needed to make sure they were reaching prospective donors with content related to topics they were most interested in. UNICEF USA needed a better understanding of the type of content they were engaging with on their site, whether it was content related to safe water access or earthquake disaster relief.

With Analytics 360, DELVE was able to gain a clearer picture of which types of content visitors were engaging with the most. DELVE then used those insights to segment visitors into various audiences. And because UNICEF USA’s Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360 accounts were linked, DELVE was able to share these Analytics 360 audiences and reach them with campaigns managed in Display & Video 360. This meant that messaging was always relevant and engaging, helping keep potential donors engaged with UNICEF USA’s work throughout the pre-donation process.

This refined approach with Analytics 360 audiences paid off, with a 10% year over year growth in donor acquisition and a 40% increase in website conversion rate from these campaigns.

“Google Marketing Platform enables DELVE to identify and market only to audiences who are most likely to respond to UNICEF USA’s message, and conversely stop spending media dollars on audiences who are least likely to donate,” says Anton Lipkanu, DELVE’s Head of Media.

Full view of the customer journey

The connection between Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360 also gave UNICEF USA more insight into how their campaigns were driving and influencing donor acquisition and revenue. With Display & Video 360 reporting available in Analytics 360, UNICEF USA could see if certain campaigns were driving more content engagement than others.

Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360 gives us a full view of the customer journey across all our media buys and allows us to best reallocate budget across our channels to drive incremental revenue

Tobes Kelly, Director of Digital Revenue, UNICEF USA

UNICEF USA plans to continue using these tools to maintain a clear view of the entire funnel. Their improved ability to measure media performance through Analytics 360 is also allowing them to craft more customized and relevant messaging for those engaged with UNICEF’s vital work. This way, UNICEF USA can continue the conversation with potential donors so that they can keep helping children around the world.

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